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20 Best badminton shoes

Top 20 best badminton shoes

In this article ,we have reviewed best badminton shoes along with detailed buyer’s guide at the end to help you choose the best pair of shoes possible.

Among everything else, the most important factor that plays a huge role in improving or dropping your performance in any sports activity, and also a must-have are the shoes that you are opting for. If you are dedicated to your workouts, to prevent ankle damage or strain and workout more comfortably, you must invest in good sport’s shoes. If you are a badminton player then we are here providing you a list of the best badminton shoes for both men and women. The most important element needed for badminton players lies in the grip. The grips as well as the traction are two of the most needed features of a good badminton shoe.

For a better idea and understanding, below listed are the best options that are available for both men as well as women.

The Options Available: Choose What Best Suited For You

There are zillions of options that are available in the market, from the lower segment to the premium ones. To choose one for yourself could be a tiring task. Make a selection for yourself from the following.

10 Best Badminton Shoes for Men

We are listing 10 of the best shoes, along with the pros and cons, for men to wear while playing badminton.

1.Victor SH-P9200

best badminton shoes

These are one of the top options or you can say the top option available for you in the category of men’s best badminton shoes. As far as comfort is concerned, these shoes will provide you top-notch comfort and also will improve your game significantly. This offering from Victor offers a huge value for money and you will not regret this purchase. Your game will significantly improve and you will be on a faster route to becoming an athlete you ever wanted to be.

  • You will not feel any kind of shock whatsoever in these shoes. This is a very important feature of any sports shoe.
  • As these come equipped with good ventilation, there is no irritation or itchiness will be caused even on wearing them for a longer period of time.
  • These shoes are capable of handling extreme and rough situations. You will not have to take extra care while wearing them.
  • This offering by Victor couldn’t be more weightless. Though they are a bit on the bulkier side, the weight doesn’t feel that much.
  • It would be nitpicking but the only con I found is the vibrancy in the colour scheme. Though it depends on your likings, you may find this a pro as well.

2.Yonex SHB 65R

best badminton shoes

The lightweight and the super-soft cushioning make these shoes a must-buy for all those who are taking badminton seriously. In 2019, these are one of the top picks for you to make. These shoes will satisfy all the requirements that a badminton player will ever need. The ankle sprain or muscle stiffness are some of those very common problems that athletes face. Many beginners face these issues as they don’t care about the importance of good quality badminton shoes.

  • The design of these shoes makes it extremely comfortable for all shapes and sizes of the feet. The shoe is very much flexible and sets itself according to the shape of your feet.
  • These pairs of shoes are extremely lightweight.
  • The best suited for the professional as well as personal use. Everyone from a beginner to a professional can wear them. There are no age criteria or skill level come attached to the shoe.
  • The colour scheme is just mind-blowingly awesome. The colours of a sports shoe matter a lot, it enhances your mood and gives a more relaxed and comfortable playing experience when you are satisfied with your accessories.
  • The double stitching is done on the front part could be better looking if it was done in more of a subtle manner.

3.Victor Blue badminton shoes

best badminton shoes

To go to the highs that you dreamt of and become an ace player of badminton, this offering lies in the category of best badminton shoes that you can get to help you in achieving your dream. There will be no strain or any muscle damage that will be faced by you while playing. You must not think much while getting good quality shoes when it comes to playing as a career. It is very important for you to stay safe and keep your body away from any accidents as much as possible.

  • These shoes provide you the best breathability. The dots that are present on these shoes offer good ventilation and in turn provide you sweat and odor-free feet.
  • The shoes are available in two colour options, red and blue.
  • Same as Yonex SHB 65R, these ones are also extremely lightweight and you will not feel much even when wearing them for a longer time.
  • The design and colour scheme of these shoes is attractive and pleasing to the eye.
  • Along with the good grip, these shoes provide a high level of safety.
  • There are no cons that could be seen while reviewing this product.
  • If we start nitpicking, the colour option can only be a viable option for some people to not get these shoes.

4.Puma Men’s Veloz NG

best badminton shoes

For more aggressive pricing and the price mark below 5000-rupees mark, this offering by Puma is the most suited option for you, if you are looking for a good pair of shoes under this price bracket. The shoes are lightweight and provide you the ease of moving around in the court easily. A badminton shoe is not considered pricey when it comes under ₹5,000-mark. This price segment provides a range of some of the best options to the players who are on the intermediary level of skill set.

  • At this price point, the fit that these shoes offer is just incredible.
  • The design is made in such a way that the heel support is also very well done.
  • Not only the design elements but the overall look of the shoes is much premium looking and clean.
  • The subtle branding and the black and green colour combination gives it a very good fit and feel.
  • The ventilation is lacking and because of that, the breathability took a hit.
  • You can’t wear them for very long because of not so lightweight and breathability, as told in point 1.

5.Victor A180

best badminton shoes

This brand offers a product suitable for all price segments. Present in the premium segment and now, also in the budget range, this offering from Victor will provide you almost the full package if you play often and not for long hours like 6-7 hours. For a budget segment, these shoes are one of the best badminton shoes available in the market right now.

  • The build quality of these shoes is top-notch and provides very long durability.
  • The grip that Victor A180 provides also helps you in easy moving around the court and has good traction.
  • The rubber sole of this pair of shoes offers a decent amount of comfort and you will face no tension while playing.
  • One best part about this product is that this will give you a sustainable quality while playing on any kind of surface.
  • The shoes are available in three colour variants, white/blue, blue/green, and red/orange.
  • These budget segment shoes lack ventilation a lot. You can’t wear them for long practice hours if you are going to see yourself as an ace player one day.
  • Though the rubber sole provides a decent amount of comfort, it could be improved a lot for better comfort.


6.Puma Men’s

best badminton shoes

When it comes to Puma, performance & quality comes first in mind. To increase the durability, you must take proper care of your shoes as well. Without proper care, even the most premium ones will not sustain and will damage soon. Comes in the pricing of less than 4000-mark, these shoes offer a good amount of comfort and are best suited for those who play badminton on the weekends with friends.

As these are available a little below than ₹3,000, these shoes can also be bought at even lower prices if there is any sale going on.

  • There isn’t any other pair of shoes that are able to provide such a good grip on the court or any other surface.
  • As they are built in a very robust quality, these shoes offer good durability if properly taken care of.
  • The comfort level of these shoes is also better than the competition.
  • The breathability is also above average and you can wear them for long hours.
  • All of these pros when combined, offer the biggest pro and that is the value for money these shoes have to offer.
  • Puma Men’s comes in red/black colour variant. If you don’t like this colour combination then you will be disappointed.
  • The texture of the black part of the shoe has a lot of scope for improvement.


7.Victor New AS 3W AD

best badminton shoes

This offering from Victor as The Asia Special Edition comes under the budget of ₹3,000. These shoes are considered best for those who have much wider feet and this can be the top pick among the best badminton shoes for those people. The comfort package that these shoes offer on this price level is exemplary and cannot be found on any of the competitors’ offerings. For a better idea, the pros and cons are listed below.

Offering the best value for money at a very attractive pricing of ₹2,617, you can get one for yourself here:

  • This offering from Victor is especially for those who have wider feet and they find it difficult getting the perfect fit for them, that too in the budget segment.
  • As the fit will be perfect, the comfort level is also very good and can easily be worn for long practice hours.
  • Almost all of these offerings in the budget range will provide a good durability. These are built by keeping the middle-class buyers in mind.
  • The Victor branding on the tongue along with subtle double stitching make this product a very attractive looking and gives more of a trendy look.
  • The ventilation on this product is also done in a very good way and provides good breathability.
  • The limited colour options could be a huge deal-breaker for some people and they will find themselves not feeling comfortable in the only colour scheme that these shoes have to offer.
  • As these shoes are more suitable for people with wider feet, check thoroughly before getting one for yourself if your foot shape is slimmer.

8.Yonex Super Ace

best badminton shoes

The brand dedicated itself to providing the range of products needed for any badminton athlete. Along with the shoes, this company also deals in the manufacturing of good quality badminton rackets. As Yonex deal with other products as well, it has got a better understanding of what a player needs and how to offer them the product that covers the whole package and can also be not making a huge dent in the buyer’s pocket. At this price point and this build quality, this is definitely one of the best badminton shoes.

To choose from a wide range of colour options and get one that suits those best to your personality, on attractive pricing of ₹2,999 you can get them here:

  • The bulky design offered by the Yonex provides a good ankle support and helps a lot while playing.
  • However, the bulky look doesn’t translate to the heavyweight. These shoes come in a very lightweight and you can definitely wear them for a longer period of time.
  • The bulky design also helps in providing ultimate ankle support and will not let you feel any tension or sprain whatsoever.
  • Some athletes do handle their shoes roughly and for them, these shoes can be the best option. Yonex claims to have way longer durability than the competitions even on rough use.
  • The colour combination of black/light green also suits the sports look and the design elements also give it a robust look.
  • The shape of these shoes may not be to everyone’s liking. Some athletes do not like their shoes to be bulky and huge. These shoes may be a disappointment for that category.
  • The actual colours are a bit darker than shown in the images, so consider that before making the purchase.

9.Nivia Super Court

best badminton shoes


Coming to below ₹2,000-mark, this offering from Nivia is a very good option. As they provide a good grip, these shoes are most suitable to play on the wooden surface. These can be the best for someone who has completed the beginner’s level and now is in the transition phase to reach the intermediate level. The shoes are not at all bulky. However, even then, a big con is attached to these shoes which we will cover in the cons section. There is only one colour variant available, but it is designed to suit everyone’s taste.

In the category of best badminton shoes under ₹2,000, these shoes will check all the boxes.

  • The ankle and tongue of the shoes are made out of very soft cushioning and provides a very good comfort level.
  • The colour scheme is very attractive. The design elements present on the shoes make it look more good and pleasing to the eye.
  • Nivia claims the durability to be much better and will last you for years if you have taken proper care.
  • The fit and sturdiness also suits almost all the feet shapes and will not cause any problem for that matter. However, people who have wide feet should not consider buying these.
  • Even being simple looking and not so bulky, these shoes carry a lot of weight in regard to their size. You will not feel much comfortable if you are going to wear them for longer times.
  • As the cost is going downtown, the amount of care that is needed to keep them intact for years goes up. These shoes are not for rough use at all. Proper care along with careful use is a must for this product.

10.ProASE Men’s Synthetic

best badminton shoes

If you are not going to play regularly and just a beginner in badminton, this is a great option which you can get for yourself. The brand, ProASE, is an offering from the aforementioned Nivia and offers a vast range of products in this price segment. These shoes are designed in a very attractive design and many design elements are added to give it more of a sporty look. In regard to the price point, this is the best pick for a beginner. Let’s put the pros and cons on the scale and decide for yourself if these are suitable or not.ProASE comes at a very affordable pricing of ₹1,500. You can buy one for yourself here:

  • The amount of comfortable fit and overall support that these shoes provide to your leg while playing is very good in comparison to other brand’s counterparts.
  • If proper care is taken, these shoes will last with you for a lot longer than you expect them to be.
  • The design elements like double stitching, branding, etc. also don’t look overdone and give it more of a premium look.
  • The ventilation is very good and will not make your feet sweaty or odor-y. This feature and that too, in this price segment, is a huge value for money and the best option for you to pick from the best badminton shoes.
  • The heel support of these shoes is also very low and many athletes don’t find it much comforting. However, it can also be a choice but a high heel support is widely liked by the players.
  • These shoes are definitely not for those who are rough users. This pair of shoes will not last you even for a year if you are not going to take proper care of these shoes. At this price point, you will have to take extra care for the shoes to sustain.


10 Best Badminton Shoes For Women


Now, it’s time for our female athletes or badminton-lovers to make a selection for them. We are providing 10 hand-picked options for you to help you in deciding easily.

1.Puma Rise XT 3

best badminton shoes

This shoe features a regular low cut and remains on the top in the performance category. The shoe is also top-notch in the comfort zone and comes with EVA midsole along with the insertion of Ignite Foam Heel that ensures you get the best cushioning and an extra layer of stability. This pair of shoes is fit for both genders and will provide the utmost comfort. The shoe is ideally fit for both the genders and comes under the unisex category. For a better perspective, let’s dive into the pros and cons.

If you are going to get one for yourself, these ones may be a better option for yourself or you can gift them to your athlete friend or partner.

  • The embedded TPU midsole provide an extra layer of stability especially on the surfaces that are indoors. You will not find yourself in difficulty for running during the play.
  • The Ignite foam heal provides an extra layer of cushioning, which in turn provides a sufficient amount of energy that helps you to continue playing much comfortably.
  • The shoe comes with a great ventilation system and provides good breathability. You will not feel any odour or sweat even wearing them for long hours.
  • The colour option is very trendy and provides a satisfaction level and will suit everyone’s taste.
  • The ankle support of these shoes is also very good and gives you very good leg stability. The risk of strain or muscle injury goes down significantly.
  • It will be nitpicking but some people may find the fit not so perfect and then it can cause some amount of irritation and you will not be able to wear them for long.

2.Puma Stroker.18

best badminton shoes

If you are finding them difficult to get in the offline market or the price is hiked up due to the demand, the best buy link to get them online.This offering from the brand which is known for its comfort and luxury comes at very affordable pricing. The pricing is kept low but the quality levels are not compromised at all. The feel and comfort of wearing a Puma are highly evident and will not make you regret it at any point. The shoe also provides a good fit for those who have a bit of wider size feet and always worried if they’d find the fit that will perfectly fit them. As this is a Puma product, the pros and cons are almost the same as other products from this brand.

  • The lightweight of this shoe is one of the selling points that an athlete would love to have in the shoe. As much as the shoe will be lightweight, the easier the gameplay will be.
  • The breathability is also very good and provides a good ventilation to keep the odor and sweat away. The relationship of an athlete with his/her shoes should be very good and the athlete must not face any irritation.
  • Puma Stroker.18 is available in different colour variants where the most liked ones are the one with the combination of white and blue and the other colour combination is grey and turquoise.
  • The fit that these shoes have to offer packaged with comfort when wearing for long hours makes them one of the best badminton shoes for both genders. The shoe is ideal for unisex.
  • As there are not any significant cons that could be seen, Puma could have given better arch support and a bit of high heels.

3.Adidas Wucht P3

best badminton shoes

The best use of technology to provide you the required comfort and luxury is brought to you by Adidas in the form of these professional shoes. In the price bracket of around ₹4,000, these can be one of the best luxury products one can get. The offering by Adidas will help you in improving your game very significantly. The professional shoes are a very important factor that can help you gain a lot when it comes to actually get into the professional level. The pros and cons are not very balanced and the pros rule the section. Let’s have a better look.

  • The breathability offered is very good and your feel will not be in the sea of sweat. The odor will also not suffocate you when you take them off. This is because of good ventilation that is offered by Adidas.
  • This pair of shoes is extremely lightweight and provides good stability, no matter on what surface you are playing.
  • The comfort level is also good and you will not face even a bit of difficulty in moving around the court and the stability on offer is also excellent.
  • The arch support along with the heel cushioning is also done very well and the shoe comes out as a full package at the most affordable rate.
  • The colour options that are available also will suit everyone’s taste and the trendy colours will not let you feel even a little bit outdated.
  • The shoe is ideal for both genders and one of the best suited for females.
  • There is absolutely no con that can be outlined in this product. The only thing which can be a problem for some people is the shoe may take some time to adapt itself according to their feet shape.


4.Li-Ning Ranger Speed

best badminton shoes

Available in two vibrant colour options, this offering from the side of Li-Ning has a rubber sole. The shoe comes with a very flexible sole and provides a very good amount of grip. This professional shoe doesn’t come with any issue regarding providing stability and comfort. Though the brand isn’t known to the Indian market, this is one of the best badminton shoes that you can get for yourself if you are planning to build a career out of it.

The shoe not only provides good stability but also great ankle support and helps you in moving around the court more easily and quickly. Though the shoe may look a bit bulkier, you will not feel any weight as the build is so premium. However, the pros and cons listed below will give you a better idea.

  • Li-Ning Ranger Speed provides you good ventilation that you will feel not a bit of irritation or itchiness. You can wear them as long as you want. You also don’t have to worry about the comfort, if your coach, all of a sudden, decided to extend your practice hours.
  • The best part about this premium professional shoe is that it is ideal for both genders and adapts its shape according to the shape and size of the athlete.
  • The design elements of these shoes also give them a very robust look and make it look bulkier even though it’s definitely not. The branding is also done very well and doesn’t look even a bit of over-do.
  • The colour scheme that this brand is providing is very trendy and couldn’t be felt a bit outdated. There are many colour options available, the most liked one, however, is the combination of blue and radium colour.
  • As the brand is a bit new, you may find it difficult to convince yourself to invest that much amount.
  • The design is cool and trendy but a criterion in which it fails to impress is the elements like colour splash, double stitching, etc. are very much confusing and could be done in a more subtle manner.


5.Yonex 40LD

best badminton shoes

This offering from Yonex in the form of mid-segment badminton shoes can be a better option for you if you are just starting to play professionally or just as a hobby. You can start by getting these mid to lower segment shoes and pave yourself all the way up to the premium ones. These shoes offer a good grip along with superb arch support along with providing the mobility a badminton athlete is mostly in need of. The features that this pair provides in this price range are just incredible.

You can get them for yourself. These shoes are best suited for those who are just starting. Here, click on this best-buy link and gift yourself a pair of shoes that will last with you for longer times:

  • The breathability is great due to the proper micro vents that are provided which eventually help in providing top-notch ventilation to keep the odor and sweat away.
  • The company claims that the shoes will last a lot longer if you take standard care of them. These shoes are capable of handling rough use and will not start tearing up soon.
  • The design element like double stitching is also present and the placement of branding is also done in a very subtle manner.
  • As the product is ideal for unisex, it is available to all the athletes out there.
  • The comfort levels are also very high. These shoes are more than capable of providing you the comfort that you want. Even wearing them for long hours will not give you any irritation.
  • The only con that we noticed during the review is that the shoe has many shiny elements which took a lot of premium look these shoes have. The front of the shoe along with the tongue is very shiny and maybe the deal-breaker for some people.
  • The quality of the laces that are provided can also be a lot better.


6.B-TUF Passion

best badminton shoes

These offerings, also from a not-so-popular brand, give beginners an edge to make a fair purchase to start their career. The shoes are the most important factor. However, finding the perfect one for yourself can be a bit tiring. That’s why we are here with the review of this shoe to provide you a perspective and help you in deciding. Before going to the pros and cons, it’s better to know that in which price bracket this product fits in. B-TUF Passion comes under the price of ₹1,500 and the features that this shoe offers are the best value for the money.

Amazon provides a good return policy and you must not worry if you received the product and it doesn’t fit you or a totally different product. Amazon also accepts the return if you don’t like the product or it was delivered broken.

  • This shoe comes with the non-marking crepe sole that provides a better grip on any surface that you are playing.
  • The overall quality along with the cushioning is superb. The heels are also very well placed and didn’t cause any sprain or fatigue.
  • You can easily play for hours and there will be no odor or irritation that these shoes will create.
  • The lace quality is also very good and the branding along with other design elements provides a full package.
  • The breathability is lacking. B-TUF can improve a lot and you may face a bit of odor and sweat while practicing longer than usual.
  • The non-marking crepe sole provides a good grip, however, there is an issue of fit that came up with some users.


7.YonexTru Cushion

best badminton shoes

Comes in an array of colour options, these shoes from Yonex are one of the best badminton shoes under the budget category. The design of these shoes is much appreciated and enhances the sportiness to a whole different level. The level of shock absorption that these shoes offer is considered the best-in-class. And the outsole also provides a very good grip. Yonex offered these by keeping the beginners in mind that they also need protection and safety. The pricing is the most interesting part in regard to the features.

If you are a beginner and confused about which pair will suit you the best, this structural review may help you in coming to a decision and now you can get one for yourself right now.

  • If compressed due to any reason, Tru Cushion recovers very fast due to the tech involved in adapting the shape of the athlete’s feet. This feature also helps it not lose shape and allows it to recover easily.
  • The most awesome feature of this product is shock absorption. You will not feel any discomfort even on running and moving quickly in the court. This feature makes the shoe very comfortable.
  • There are many colour options available and there must be one that will suit your personality.
  • The vents are provided for the proper ventilation and could easily be the shoe that is providing the best breathability in this price segment.
  • The heels and the cushioning are also of premium level and provide good ankle support along with stability.
  • The weight of these could be a bit irritating and can cause fatigue in long-sessions.
  • The overall quality is justified by the price point, however, it could be a bit better. Yonex should try to improve the cushioning quality.

8.ZIGARO Unisex Synthetic

best badminton shoes

This company also offers a pair of badminton shoes that are best for beginners. At an attractive price of only ₹850, these can be the easiest one to get. Though they have some quality issues, however, for starting without investing a whole lot, these can be the best badminton shoes you can get. The quality is just incredible if we look at the pricing and then the competition.

  • The grey and beige colour combination gives it a premium look and by looking, you can never guess the pricing.
  • The sole also offers a very good grip along with a sufficient amount of stability.
  • If you are playing on weekends or just often, not regularly, then these could be made for you only. They also provide good comfort level.
  • The cushioning is also decent enough and the overall quality is good at this price.
  • No one will ever complain of the wear and tear even if they are sort of a rough user and don’t care much about the maintenance.
  • The attractive pricing comes with a compromise. The compromise is done on the ventilation aspect where you will find your feet sweaty if you wore them for long.

After this review, we hope that you have decided for yourself and now if you are planning to buy.

9.Feroc Black & Golden

best badminton shoes

This budget offering from a low-segment manufacturer helps you in getting one easily under the price range of ₹1,000. In this price segment, the competition is tough and you have a lot of options for you to choose. The confusion also comes with it. This offering from Feroc gives an extra layer of protection to the toe area. For more pros and cons, read the detailed review below.

  • The cushioning and heels are well done and provide good comfort.
  • The shoe also provides good stability. You can quickly move from one place to another in court.
  • The shoes are also very shock absorbent and this feature in this price segment make it one of the best badminton shoes.
  • The colour scheme of golden and black also gives it an enhanced sporty look.
  • The materials used in the making of the shoe are very hard. This will create difficulty in shoe adapting the shape of your feet.
  • The ventilation could be a lot better. You can’t wear them for long hours. You will feel the sweat and heavy amount of odor.

Considering its price point, the cons don’t matter much. If you are a beginner or play just for fun, get them right now.

10.Hindon Smash

best badminton shoes

These budget badminton shoes are the best if you are strictly under a budget of 1000-rupees. However, the aforementioned ones are also under the same price range, but sometimes their demand goes up and so the prices. The Hindon offers a very good package in the form of Smach where the shoe comes with a very subtle design and looks much more premium. To wrap up fast and not take much of your time, let’s point out the pros and cons.

  • The rubberized sole offers a good grip and not only this but the stability along with arch support is also very good.
  • The breathability is also better in comparison to the offerings from other brands in this price segment.
  • The overall quality of the shoes is above average and the cushioning quality is also good with regard to its price point.
  • The colour scheme is also very trendy and will suit your persona.
  • The overall build is strictly average. If you are a rough user, then you should not consider this one for you.
  • The lace quality and cushioning are also average or you can say strictly average. There is a lot of scope for improvement in every aspect of this shoe.

If you can take proper care and not a rough user at all, then you can get them for you. Comes at the pricing of ₹899, you can get them here:

Some Points To Help You In Deciding

If you ended up here, then you must know how the fast game badminton is! You need to change direction quickly and at very fast intervals. Here are some points you must consider before getting one.

Traction & Grip

While playing on the PU or wooden courts, gum-rubber soles are considered the best. As the rubber provides a very quality of grip and traction, these are the best. You can easily clean them by wiping the sole by a wet towel.


On the cemented courts, normal rubber also works brilliantly.


As much as these shoes are needed for the quick-moving along, it’s a must for that they are good shock absorbent and that will happen by good cushioning only. This is a feature of the best badminton shoes that are available in the market.


This is also a very huge factor deciding the quality of a sports shoe, not only the badminton one. The lightweight is directly related to the fast and quick movement in the court.

Some FAQs

Why do we need to get badminton shoes?

You need these shoes to improve your performance. As the soles of these shoes are a bit thinner, they allow you to lower your center of gravity, eventually helping you in reducing the injuries.

What is non-marking sole?

Along with providing a good grip, these shoes do not leave a mark on the surface. That’s the reason, these are recommended to only be worn inside the court.

What are the latest technologies used in these shoes?

If you are a beginner, consider the shoes that have Ergoshape, Double Russell Mesh, and Power Cushion. Whereas if you are a pro, go with the technologies like MsLite, Lateral Claw, and Hexagrip Sole. In the premium segment, go with Round Sole, SuperMsLite, etc.

We Recommend…

Still confused? Don’t worry. We are recommending one for both men as well as women. For our men athlete, you can go for Puma Veloz, which we listed above. For more details, you can go through that again.


Our women athletes can go with Adidas Wucht P3, this shoe will meet all of your needs. Both products are the best value for money and also one of the best badminton shoes. We wish you all the best!

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