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Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Top 10 Running Shoes To Relax Your Feet from Plantar Fasciitis

Running is one of the best exercises to stay fit. Everyone wants to stay fit and maintain good physics. Running is a good exercise because while you are running, every muscle of your body stays active. You can say it is a full-body exercise which helps us to stay fit. Though running has a great advantage over our fitness, it has a drawback too. That drawback is known as Plantar Fasciitis.

Due to excessive running or overuse of your feet, the tissues under your feet get torn every day, become stiff, and cause pain. A thick, weblike ligament, the plantar fascia, attaches your heel to the front of your foot. It causes pain in the bottom of the heel. This is Plantar Fasciitis. It is a very common issue for an athlete. If you ignore plantar fasciitis it can cause huge problems in the future. It may cause heel pain and stop you from running, not only that it can prevent your daily activities by causing too much pain in your toes.

So, How can you avoid this problem and stay fit? There are lots of ways to control Plantar Fasciitis. Maintain proper weight is crucial. As it was recently found that overweight may cause plantar fasciitis. But If you do not want to stop running and want to be a good athletic why don’t you choose a pair of shoes which perfect for your two feet?

From your local market to e-commerce sites like Amazon, you can find many varieties of shoes that are stylish as well as comfortable to wear during running. A good pair of shoes will also help you to prevent Plantar Fasciitis. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis. Here we are going to talk about price segments and shoes for plantar fasciitis, in that price segments.

  1. Top 3 low budget  shoes for plantar fasciitis (50$-100$)
  2. Top 2 mid-range shoes for plantar fasciitis (100$-150$)
  3. Top 5 high-range  shoes for plantar fasciitis (150$-200$)

So, Let’s drive you through some top-notch shoes which helps you to prevent plantar fasciitis available now on Amazon.

Top 3 low budget running shoes for plantar fasciitis

1.ASICS Men’s Gel-Excite 6 Twist Running Shoe


One of the very popular ASICS Men’s Gel-Excite 6 Twist Running Shoes is here on Amazon. This latest model from ASICS is one of the best running shoes for you to wear and provide comfort to your feet. Its Rearfoot GEL technology cushioning system makes this shoe one of the best pairs of shoes in this price segment which makes it one of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Also, the Synthetic-Mesh system provides your feet to breathe and relax while you run. Even Ortholite Sockliner is used to control moisture. This lightweight road running shoe, particularly designed to encourage you to go the distance even when temperatures are cool. Keep budget in mind ASICS made these shoes in different colors to make your running stylish and comfortable.

Product Attributes:

  1. It comes with the synthetic mesh to provide airflow while you run.
  2. It absorbs shocks while you run and help you to cover long distances.
  3. Many athletes say that the Asics Gel Excite 6 to be comfortable for everyday use. Others suggested it felt excellent in both jogging and walking.
  4. The Ortholite Sockliner delivers you comfort while walking.
  5.  Lightweight makes you feel comfortable to wear
  6. Durability is one of the keystones of these shoes as AmpliFoam Midsole is used.
  7. It comes with different colors with a stylish look.
  • Flexible and easy to wear
  • They produce a nice bounce and give an excellent cushion which one needs for a painful heel.
  • the detachable insole of the Gel Excite 6 to be accessible which makes it easier to wear and run for a long time without hurting your foot.
  • Low Price & Stunning looks.
  • Durable & Tactile.
  • Smaller toe box can hurt your toe, for some athletic it can be troublesome
  • Not enough cushion inside.



2.Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 22 Running Shoe


For women, Mizuno has come with very exciting shoes. Mizuno, a USA based shoe manufacturing company has introduced one of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis for women. In January 2018 Mizuno launched this attractive shoe to make a great impact in the market, especially for women who are conscious about their feet and fitness.

Wave rider 22 combines a 2-layered engineered mesh upper for exceptional breathability and comfort. Cloud Wave cushioning technology has softened the athlete’s activity while maintaining a responsive journey. For a serious runner and athletic woman, Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 22 Running Shoe is an excellent choice.

 Product Attributes:

  1. It comes with a U4ic midsole with a soft heel center to provide your feet extreme comfort while you are in the run.
  2. Rubbered sole to absorb shock while running.
  3. The gripping ability of the outsole is unexpected in this price range that makes this shoe very comfortable for a woman during running.
  4. Articulated Heel Zone for a more continuous transition.
  5. A synthetic material made this model lightweight.
  6. It comes with 5 different colors which make it looks really beautiful.
  7. It’s Superintendent Stretch Mesh for adaptive Fit in Motion one of the best features of this shoe.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Nice looks make it different from other shoes.
  • Lightweight helps you to cover a long distance without hurting your toe.
  • It’s soft heal center take care of your Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Sock absorbance technology helps your movement.
  • This shoe is neither narrow nor wide that fits perfectly in your fit
  • Short Laces are too short to tie a bow.
  • Size is a little small for a wider foot. It also looks bulky due to its collar which is stuffed with foam.
  • Can not wear without socks.


3.Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 Running Shoes


Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 Running Shoes is one of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis. Adrenaline GTS 17 is a new model of Brooks’s creation. It is not only stylish but also one of the best shoes in this price segment. With a perfect balance of cushioning and stability, it increases the shock absorption capability of this model. You can use these shoes for different running surfaces.

It comes in various diameters, including tight, wide, and also extra wide, so, you can choose according to your feet size. It stretches the full structure, according to the feet and allows fresh air to penetrate the layers, keeping the feet refreshing and comfortable as you perform. For a runner and fitness freak, it can be the best choice. It helps your toes to relax and prevent Plantar Fasciitis. It is a stable shoe for the athlete requiring resisting against overpronation and is extremely waterproof.

Product Attributes:

  1. Extra secure access with redesigned asymmetrical leather.
  2. The midsole basically uses the very identical triple-density foam technology like its previous versions.
  3. It feels softer due to its High energizing cushioning technology.
  4. Midsole refinements are built with proprietary filled with Cushion technology which provides an extensive restoration of energy after landing on the ground.
  5. Advanced breathability with new Air Mesh technology.
  6. This shoe can be utilized for various activities ranging from short runs to light sports.
  7. It comes with two shades of color Silver/Black/Anthracite & Black/Anthracite/Red Orange.
  8. The forefoot area has an ample amount of space to let the toes spread easily.
  • Stylish design & Lightweight make it look stunning and comfortable to wear.
  • Durable & stable that helps you in a marathon.
  • This is one of the best sports shoes that appears with extra cushioning.
  • It has an extra protective layer on the top to protect your feet.
  • Shock-absorbing material is used to provide you extra comfort.
  • It’s Synthetic Overlays – Gives optimal support and security which really made this shoe unique and attractive.
  • Upper material is a moderately traditional seamless mesh. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 Running Shoes comfortable and breathes well.
  • The Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB) secures your body’s in prim adjustment each step of the walk.
  • Its mid-sole platform is stiff and unwieldy.
  • The front part of the top unit rubbed against the small toe.
  • It only comes with two color variants.


Top 2 mid-range running shoes for plantar fasciitis

1.New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon





The new New Balanced Foam Beacon is redesigned upper and new midsole technology. It provides users with better running experience. Even, its 3D- printing process with jacquard materials delivers a softer ride.

DNA Loft technology makes the ride more responsive. New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon gave a wonderful journey that was steady during a marathon. It is an excellent choice in the lightweight cushioning section but you can also find more alternatives available if you fancy a softer ride.

Product Attributes:

  • It is perfect for hilly roads and an athlete can cover a long distance with ease.
  • This foam beacon product is available in the premium quality of neutral-cushioned materials.
  • It is a well-known industry standard product for its energetic nature.
  • Fresh foam beacon is specially designed for hill area as it provides a smooth ride on a hard surface.
  • Durability is higher than any other low range shoes.
  • It is a comfortable running shoe and it is made of fresh foam beacons this advanced technology gives these shoes an extra advantage to make an impact among the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis.
  •   This shoe delivers a fantastic ride that is consistent throughout a marathon race.
  •   This Beacon offers plenty of cushioning that is suitable for long-distance pavement shoes.
  •   The Fresh Foam Beacon is a lightweight running shoe that keeps you fresh throughout the day.
  •   The midsole provides adequate arch support, stated a runner.
  •   Another remarkable feature is responsive and firm that supply at a high speed.
  •   The upper section of the product is very flexible.
  •   The colors of the Fresh Foam Beacon easily enhance a stunning look.
  •   This running shoe has a reasonable price.
  • The forefoot of the shoe is narrow.
  •   The appropriate size is not available.


2.Brooks Glycerin 16




No 2 in our mid-range product is Glycerine 16 shoes, are very comfortable to use and light in weight. Its walking pattern which was indeed very helpful. It is perfect in size and the shoe is value for money, which makes it the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis.

This product is available in Navy color and is also popular in Grey color. This Brooks Glycerin shoe is a good balance of cushion and it is imported with rubber soles.

Product Attributes:

  • Brooks has an in-built DNA LOFT cushioning that is engineered to provide a luxurious feeling underfoot.
  • It is popular for excellent responsiveness and durability also the cushioning of the footwear is excellent for the long-distance marathon.
  • Plush transitions and The DNA LOFT transition zone makes every move very smooth.
  • It is a very suitable product for a soft and flawless ride.
  • This 3D Fit Print mesh upper and internal stretch bootie surround your foot expand its durability.
  • The Brooks Glycerin 16 as a very comfortable running shoe for an athlete.
  •   The shoe feels well-fitted to size.
  •   The shoe’s new upper is welcomed by the users as it looks nice and stylish.
  •   The lightweight design of the Glycerin 16 is preferable among the Athlete users.
  •   The upper unit’s breathable coverage is highly operable for a hassle-free service.
  •   This best running shoes for plantar fasciitis needs no break-in period as durability is quite high.
  •   The shoe’s sock-like fit and stretchy upper help keep your stable inside the shoe.
  •   A good cushioning of the shoe makes the product for long-distance running.
  • The quality of Brooks Glycerin 16 is not up to its expectation level.
  •   It is too soft that sometimes creates a durability issue.


1.Brooks Glycerin 17




This Brooks Glycerin 17 is a shoe that offers an immense comfort while an athlete runs on a road. It is specially designed for underfoot protection and its responsiveness gives you an overall comfort. It delivers a versatile design and flexible to gait.

Even, its durability is high and good traction makes the product well-fitted for one’s feet. Its super soft DNA LOFT midsole technology with a single layer introduces swift breathability. The overall weight is 300.5g for half a pair and for women, it is 261g. This USA Based company, Brooks is well known for manufacturing the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis

Product Attributes:

  1.   Rubber outsole with 7 forefoot flex grooves makes the product very flexible to ride.
  2.   Double jacquard mesh upper section with ortholite sockliner always support the runners with high and medium-high arches.
  3.   The heel-toe transition of the DNA LOFT midsole makes the Brooks very reliable and smooth.
  4.   The ultra-responsiveness of the shoe after cushioning energizes the product effectively.
  5.   Its neutral road running feature with synthetic 3D fit prints runner is used to adjust the lace and increases the correct amount of support.
  6.   Brooks thoroughly padded collar and tongue stabilize the foot on its own. Even, it helps to save the ankles from wobbling.
  7.   Its technical trails and outsole configuration of the shoe tackle the uneven terrain.
  8.   IMEVA midsoles of the product give off an impression of decent durability.
  9.   This product is available in eight different colors and it offers thick-soled shoes that are preferable for its cushioning.
  • The synthetic prints are actually used at strengthening the outside of the shoes.
  • Its interior bootie construction prevents irritation without hindering flexibility. Even, it protects your ankles from distress with semi-flats.
  • Softly cushioned midsole with DNA LOFT technology provides a moisture-wicking capacity and provides a healthy foot environment.
  • The outsole features allow the weight of the runner and provide a smooth toe transition.
  • The center area of the outsole is lug-free and encourages a natural gait cycle. Thus, it satisfies the most satisfied with great traction.
  • The Brooks Glycerin 17 prevents discomfort as it offers great breathability even on very hot days. It has an in-shoe ventilation feature that is sufficient to deliver smooth air.
  • It is extremely comfortable and durable for its supportive nature. It enhances the plush and pleasant platform.
  • The natural curve and well-adjusted shape of the shoe to accommodate the foot with ease.
  • Less vibrant in color.
  • The getup is not up to its expected level.


2.Hoka One One Carbon X



Hoka is used as one of the racing shoes which are available in 8.7 oz and its heel drop is 5mm (approx.). The weight and heel measurement varies according to the models.

Different colors are available in this product but the shoes with black, blue, Cyan colors and shades are popular among the ample number of Hoka Carbon shoes.

This highly cushioned product with a premium stiff carbon fiber plate in the midsole makes the product soft and high performance based racing shoes. Carbon X is designed for distance racer and its different carbon fiber plates provide you a different feel. Hoka’s aggressive rockered geometry is the main key to provide a fast-rolling sensation.

Product Attributes:

  1.   This Hoka One One Carbon product follows its own technology and is specially designed to provide an efficient and propulsive ride which helps to prevent plantar fasciitis and make this shoe one of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis in this price range.
  2.   Single-layer with mesh upper feature offers breathability across the forefoot.
  3.   It is textile and dual-density with rubber sole make it very appreciative.
  4.   Plush tongue and collar padding make it very comfortable.
  5.   Embroidery reinforcement delivers a high-end secure heel fit.
  6.   Resilient PROFLY X technology helps to keep it the inner section soft.
  7.   Carefully placement of carbon fiber plate delivers a smooth transition throughout the gait cycle.
  8.   Wider foot fort is included in this product and provides high stability along with accommodation.
  9.   Hoka Carbon is specially designed for athletes to fly.
  10.               A special combination of foams and its innovative PROFLY X tactics gives a responsive experience.
  • Versatile race day and most effective training shoe.
  • You can experience an aggressive meta rocker feeling during training sessions.
  • Durability is comparatively higher than other fiber plated shoes.
  • Hoka Carbon X performs better both in tempo pace and you can feel a distinct rolling sensation that promotes forward momentum.
  • An additional layer of interior fabric and extra stitching enhances product longevity.
  • A major bonus is that the Hoka Carbon X offers a wide footprint compared to other racing shoes Therefore, it is easier to cover a wide heel platform for stable landing facilities.
  • The weight is slightly heavier than any other running shoes.
  • Due to interior booty, you need to open the laces before it is used.


3.Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%


Nike ZoomX is the most responsive midsole foam-based product that is moisture suitable shoe for the marathon race. To this best running shoes for plantar fasciitis, Nike added a new woven mesh upper that makes the Nike product easy to use.

The overall weight of this shoe is 6.6 OZ whereas the heel is 40mm and forefoot is 22mm. Non-removable sockliner is attached to this shoe. On the other hand, the heel to toe is decreased by 8 mm and makes the shoe flexible to ride.

Product Attributes:

  • It is made of 15% more Zoom X foam which is comparatively higher than other vaporfly shoes.
  • The upper layer is lighter and more breathable that keeps your feet fresh.
  • It absorbs less water and it gives a good result in all seasons.
  • Zoom X offers a smooth ride by controlling the moisture effect in wet conditions.
  • Nike maintained the use of an embedded full-length carbon plate when it is designed.
  • The ultra-light ZoomX midsole foam and the outsole traction patterns have been updated to offer a smoother ride and provide enhanced grip in wet conditions.
  • A full-length carbon fiber plate helps to enhance propulsion.
  • Foam rubber in the forefoot is beneficial for optimizing traction.
  • Upper offset lacing helps alleviate pressures and make the shoe a locked-in fit. Besides this, engineered woven mesh provides a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% is a lightweight running shoe which is great for racing purpose.
  •   Its overall structure is improved and it is one of the fastest running shoes.
  •   This Nike shoe is more responsive in ride and sets the shoes at a lower drop.
  •   It provides a flawless fit.
  •   The upper material is very good in quality and a perfect lacing setup provides the users a high comfort.
  •   ZoomX’s upper sole with a stable frame helps in balancing your foot.
  •   In the midsole, cushioned foam is found that makes the inner sole soft and bouncy.
  •   It is blisteringly fast and energy return product and is also beneficial during the athletic training sessions.
  • Flimsy quality of tongue makes the shoe difficult to lay flat in place on top of the foot.
  •   Looks peculiar.


4.Adidas UltraBoost 19





In this price range, Adidas has one of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis, Adidas Ultraboost 19 is a neutral running shoe that is embedded with additional arch support. Moreover, continental rubber on the outsole increases its durability of the entire sole.

It prolongs the time and effective designs for making trendy footwear. Natural curves on foot and a semi-curved forefoot increase overall comfort. The weight of the shoe is 309gm whereas the feet drop is about 10mm.

Product Attributes:

  • The Cushioning system in the Adidas Ultraboost is very responsive and makes it highly demandable products- among the users.
  • The prime knit upper makes the shoe comfortable and non-irritating for your skin.
  • Its underfoot platform is effective enough to handle the long-distance events. Therefore, you can comfortably finish the speed training session.
  • Versatile appearance with high reliability permits a natural toe-splay and it is perfect for a new athlete to keep the product balanced.
  • Underfoot protection is enviable and you can move forward without straying off-road.
  • Continental rubber console is found here that gives you a comfortable ride throughout the rock climbing.
  •   Its lightweight materials make it best for racing and it offers a fast movement.
  •   Great responsiveness and flexibility for your foot fit. Moreover, its versatility attracts more athletes very easily.
  •   Good cushioning and underfoot protection enhance the longevity of this ADIDAS shoe.
  •   This sock-line primeknit 360 upper provides the athletes a great comfort during the speed training program.
  •   This highly durable product is appreciated for exercising and its urban adventures.
  •   The materials are very good in quality and very suitable for a long distance running event.
  • Color scheme is limited and awkward.
  •   Sidewalls of this running shoe can’t hug the foot properly and it results in shoe-wibbling problem.

5.Saucony Type A9




Saucony’s premium midsole is mainly used for its durability and re-uses. Moreover, The outsole is made of carbon rubber material that offers lightweight comfort. Its seamless lockdown on the upper section is very helpful for a responsive ride.

Even, flex film overlays are made of a thin film that is welded to provide a secure fit. This shoe is very protective in nature and its SSL EVA technology makes it the most demandable running shoe for race competition.

Product Attributes:

  1.   This shoe continues offers a fast feeling experience and covers a variety of race distances.
  2.   The upgraded upper design is made up of a simple open mesh that is enabled with welded overlays.
  3.   This integrated lacing system locks the foot into place at super-fast speeds.
  4.   SSL EVA midsole makes the durability of the product is high and easy to use.
  5.   It is the most suitable choice for athletes and a race day option is fast enough to make the runner advance.
  6.   Saucony A9 is specially designed to achieve peak performance on the race session.
  7.   Its go-to option offers a reliable racing flat and experiences a soft as well as a comfortable ride.
  • Saucony Type A9 is welcoming for its comfortable features and power accommodation.
  • The isolated fabric loops serve the lace-holes and it is helpful to  adjust the system that prevents the damage which really an essential aspect to have for being the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis
  • This shoe is dependable durability of the materials and Saucony running shoe doesn’t break down on them as they took on the miles.
  • Super light in weight.
  • Its super fast speed with high long-lasting feature makes the product effective to use.
  • Great fit for the athletic person.
  • Very fast to climb on rock and your feet can be fitted inside the shoe.
  • You can enjoy lively colors and sleek design choices that are helpful.
  • Lack of cushioning system.
  • You suffer from skin irritation.


Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis – A Short Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking to be athletic it does not matter how long you can cover, but your feet must not ever leave your side until you achieve your goal. Even if you are just a runner who likes to stay fit, it is essential for your feet to never get tired, or it does not suffer from plantar fasciitis. Do not let plantar fasciitis stop you from running and enjoy an adventurous marathon. So, to buy running shoes for plantar fasciitis which you find comfortable for you and for your budget, but before you buy, you must keep certain parameters in mind. Here is a short buyer’s guide for you.

So, you must know there are mainly 5 types of running shoes available in the market.


1.Lightweight Shoes:

This kind of shoes is made with less foam and cushioning pieces under the foot, providing for a more natural and effective movement for the feet, also known as racing flats

2.Trail Shoes:

Trail footwear is created for off-road tracks with rocks, roots, mud, and other obstructions on rough surfaces. This shoe is mainly used for trail running. Provide extra grip on every surface.

3.Daily Trainers:

As the name implies, this kind of shoes is better for daily usages. Those who like to go for a run every day and stay fit, this type of shoes is the masterpiece for them. It prevents plantar fasciitis as it contained extra foam on the rare.

4.Motion Control Shoes:

Motion-control shoes are normally advised for athletes with flat arches. This type of shoes normally more rigid than common shoes. More durable and have more stability.

5.Cushioned Shoes:

This type of shoe is made for athletes, having high arched, rigid feet. They are master of shock-absorbent as they scattered the shocking effect to the outer sole of the shoe.

This kind of shoes is also known as neutral padded shoes.

It is recommended to buy shoes based on your running styles.

There are mainly four types of running style:

  • Pronation:
  • Over-Pronation
  • Under Pronation or Supination
  • Minimalist

Also based on your foot structure, there are 3 different foot types:

  1. A neutral arch typically makes the heel to roll to a good spot.
  2. Low arch causes the foot to roll extremely inward, or overpronate.
  3. A high arch creates the foot to roll in only lightly at contact, or under pronate.

So, you have to determine your foot type before you buy a running shoe. Different types may hurt your foot.

Also, you have to take into consideration below facts before buying a running shows

  1. Your motive of buying – for fitness or regular usage.
  2. Current Condition of your foot and health.
  3. Past Injuries in your toes or heel due to running.
  4. Your surroundings – there are different shoes for different surfaces. You have to keep it in mind.
  5. Value for money or not.


So let’s go through some FAQs:

1. When buying running shoes?

Ans. It depends on you. If you are a regular runner it may expire soon as due to daily use its sole and midsole material may punching through the outer layer. This is the time to change your shoes. But if you are athletic and your shoes are not providing comfort to your foot please change it as soon as possible. Always try to find the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis, so that your foot stays safe and healthy to help you to achieve your goal.

2. Where can I find the best shoes to relax my foot from Plantar Fasciitis?

Ans. There are lots of e-commerce sites where you can find the running shoes for plantar fasciitis. E-commerce site like Amazon has varieties of collection where you can easily find a pair of shoes which perfectly fits in your foot to help you from preventing plantar fasciitis. There is various range to choose as well as lots of recommendations from buyers.

3. How to choose running shoes for plantar fasciitis?

Ans. Read this article, it will fill you with the knowledge to make this decision. First, you have to know your requirements, budget and then you decide your purpose of buying shoes. Also, know your foot type, this is one of the main points before buying a shoe. Also, read reviews of the product before buying.


Concluding Notes….

In this article, we have defined different types of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis with its different attributes. Moreover, the effectiveness of these products is explained with different functionalities. Here, the product descriptions with specifications are described here with their unique features.


Even, the running shoes with various brands are explained in this session and it helps to identify the best one among the market available racing shoes. On the other hand, the advantages of individual racing shoes are given in detail.


Again, the drawbacks of those products are pointed out here by indicating the problems of different product models. Hopefully, this content will be beneficial to select the running shoes according to your choice.


However, we are going to suggest two racing shoes according to the features and benefits. We have recommended you to buy the Nike Next shoes and Adidas Ultraboost product if you are really interested to purchase shoes and become a successful athlete.


Adidas product is very comfortable to use especially if your skin is sensitive. It helps to avoid skin irritation like harmful diseases and provides you a smooth long-distance ride.


Similarly, you can choose the Nike ZoomX as it offers a light-weighted shoe and it also provides a weather-proof feature that really makes these shoes one of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis. As a result, an athlete can enhance grip in wet conditions.  Even, both of them are responsive in riding session and give an athlete an effortless fitness throughout the day.

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