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Best Sport Shoes for Men

Best Sports Shoes for Men

In this article ,we have reviewed best sports shoes for men along with detailed buyer’s guide at the end to help you choose the best pair of shoes possible

Fitness is one of the most vital aspects of everyone’s life. If you aren’t fit, you can’t do a thing. And as far as fitness goes, the selection of proper shoes plays a quite important role in it because without using the appropriate kit for performing activities that intensify your fitness, you won’t be able to go ahead and level up. But most of the people usually deny the importance of suitable sports shoes and just go on doing rampant sessions of workout in non-favouring sports gear. By using the kit that doesn’t help in elevating the degree of fitness, one can’t do the workout effectively and just waste the time. So in order to make sure that your sweating sessions don’t go wasted; we’ve come up with the list of best sports shoes for men, that will contribute to awesomeness of your body by anchoring commendable support.

To select the right type of shoe, you first have to identify yourself and know kind of shoe would be most suitable for me to perform my activities more effectively. There are a lot of things that could go wrong if you haven’t worn the the right type of shoe underneath your feet. Like one would expect his shoe to last longer than other shoes but for that, you might have to pay some extra amount of money, so there comes the budget factor. Another thing that matters is that for what specific use you desire a sports shoe. If you are a professional player of a particular sport, you would want your shoe to have some additional features that can skyrocket your performance, but on the other hand, if you just desire it for casual use or gym workout then you can settle for a shoe with relatively fewer features and lesser price. It all comes down to your ultimate goal and there are some of the great sports shoes that are going to help you reach that goal. This list, in particular, contains a wide range of shoes that vary from price to performance to features to use and other various factors. So without wasting any more time, let’s take a look into the best sports shoes for men.

1. Nike Pegasus 35

Alright so the very first inclusion in this list is from the brand that has got a huge reputation in the field of sports gear and Pegasus 35 is one of the best when it comes to sports shoes. As mentioned in the earlier section that shoes should be selected on the basis of their use but what if there exists a shoe that can be used for any kind of situation? Fortunately, there is a shoe like that which goes by the name of Nike Pegasus 35. If you wish to see some of the best engineering work for a shoe then you can take a look at this beautiful piece of art right away. It’s perfectly crafted with a neat balance of all desirable things that shoe must possess. You are going to love this prospect by Nike when you get a hold of it.

The elevated traction of this shoe is one of the most amusing things about it. This enhanced traction is the result of waffle design of the outsole of the shoe which is again a combination of flex grooves and traction nodes. The use of flex grooves increases the overall grip of a shoe to a huge extent and the provision of waffle design extends the tractability of the shoe. As for the material, it is BRS 1000 which is actually a pretty strong rubber made from carbon. It is capable of resisting wearing off and hence you get extended durability for the shoes. The lateral side of the shoe is also wrapped with the the different prospect that they call rubber crash rail. Its application is to absorb all shocks and forces whenever you land from a higher jump. In addition to that, it also ensures a smooth heel to toe transition, thus preventing injuries.

Its upper is a work of . The engineered mesh for the upper is the thing that has defined the richness and premium feel of the shoe. It might not look that fascinating from the outlook but when you wear the shoe you will get that soft and cool feeling to your foot which is possible only because of breathable pores over it. Also if you look at its structure, you will notice that there is an unsymmetrical shape which is actually quite helpful to prevent wearing off of the upper if it is rubbed against something.

For the cushioning purpose, a case of compressed air is utilized which is kept within the midsole of a shoe. This unit is distributed over the entire length of the shoe so equal comfort is obtained at every region of the feet. But the comfort is not the only a of of. This feature also tends to improve the natural bounce of the feet as well as eliminate the shocks.

  • It comes in various colourways.
  • The cushioning you get is optimum since it is spread over the entire region.
  • There isn’t any ridicule of unnecessary material so is lighter in weight.
  • The shoe is true to the size.
  • The shoe is expensive.



2.Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond

Right after Nike, we’ve got a feature from Adidas which also happens to be one of the most popular brands when it comes to sports gear and since this list is about “Best” we are only going to see the best once. So this thing right here has the capability of becoming your best companion when you get on a road. It can become an essential choice for performing some lighter activities like jogging or casual running but you can use it for some extensive workout is well.

As usual, let’s start off with the outsole of this amazing shoe. If you are familiar with car tyres and the material that is employed in it, you do know how hard it is. The similar material is utilized for the outsole of this shoe which is known as continental rubber. This layer of rubber is so hard and rigid that it can withstand the shocks of the highest magnitude. It acts as a foundation of the shoe and protects the entire unit. Even after being so hard you still derive appreciable traction from it and it is due to the tacky construction of it. This type of construction is called Stretch web that contains traction nodes on various intervals on the outsole. The reason for the provision of such extended nodes is to provide more grip to the shoe.

Adidas usually uses Boost cushioning which is their exclusive property and similar type is used in this shoe. This type of cushioning is made by fusing number of polyurethane pellets and turning them into a single unified unit which we otherwise call Boost layer. This layer of cushioning is extremely soft and lenient. The layer is very stretchy and can provide good bounce to the user. In addition to that since it polyurethane, you get to have some weightlessness to the shoe. But the overall cushioning doesn’t just end here. There is also removable insole right above this layer of polyurethane. Its surface is perfectly smooth so you can rest your underfoot on it and get a comfortable feel. But if you think this is increasing the weight of the shoe, you can remove it anytime and there won’t be any significant degradation in the quality of the cushioning.

The upper of the shoe utilizes the mesh in such a way that it keeps the entire foot covered. To avoid wobbling and some other undesired movements of the feet, different provisions are made to neutralize them.

  • Cushioning system in this is some of the best you could ever find.
  • Shoes are reliable and you can use them without any worry of degradation.
  • It is quite versatile and can be used for multiple activities.
  • The shoe keeps the whole foot intact.
  • Aesthetics of the shoe are regular.


3.Brooks Cascadia 13

Next up is an inclusion from Brooks which is more viable compared to the other two shoes that were mentioned earlier. It is relatively cheaper and at the same time offers some commendable features. Especially if you are into trail running, you are going to love this piece of art by Brooks that is crafted in order to meet the meticulous requirement of an average user. In terms of performance, it lies in the middle of a scale but looking at its price, it’s giving out more than it should so it’s a win-win situation for you. The only concern you might have with them should be that you can’t use it for playing a professional sport since it’s not up to the mark for it.

Its outsole is made up of quite a tough compound which is known by the name of HPR Green. The word green comes from the fact that material is made from natural and eco-friendly substances. The traction you will get from this will be super grippy, in fact, if you compare the traction with the shoes of similar price range, it’s much better. Moreover,that can produce similar results on different kinds of surfaces, hence there you get the factor of versatility. For more enhanced grip, a provision is made on the external pads in the form of gripping lugs, so even if the surface is a bit irregular it won’t cause any nuisance to your feet.

It utilizes elemental mesh for the upper which is actually pretty cool. Enough perforations are there to get optimum cooling for your feet. This breathability increases the comfort of your feet to a great degree. The mesh is made in such a way that it repels water and even if some droplets are absorbed, it quickly dries them off. Apart from that, there are other features that contribute too. Like there is a 3D rubber print guard which prevents slurries to enter into the shoe. Then there is an elemental lining inside of the shoe that dries off the sweat effectively. So overall this shoe has some of its own unique perks that can prove to be quite helpful in your activities.

  • The traction it has is pretty good compared to similar shoes.
  • The shoe is super breathable.
  • The outsole can work on almost every kind of surface.
  • It keeps the degree of absorption of moisture to the lowest value.
  • The shoe feels cheap and it’s not premium.



4.Asics Gel-Venture 6


Asics Gel-Venture 6 is one of those gems that are really hard to come across. This 6th instalment in the remarkable series of the venture is one of the best sports shoes that Asics has come up with. A unique combination of comfort and style is embedded within the shoe which makes this feature an astounding prospect in the world of sports. Such types of  come once in a lifetime and regardless of your requirement for a shoe, this one right here is all set to fulfil your requirements of an ideal shoe.

Flexibility and durability are two key factors that every sportsart desires to be possessed by his gear and Asics Gel-Venture comes up with a design that can provide you with those two things on an extended-term. All of it is possible due to the synthetic mesh that is employed for the shoe. Another thing that one expects from a spectacular shoe is its ability to secure feet and trust me, this shoe right here excels in that department by providing a traditional lacing system but since its semi-elastic, it can be adjusted as per your convenience. For more additional ease of utilization, there are provisions like plush tongue and collar that provide additional support to a lateral section of your feet.

Absorbing shocks and impact forces is like a piece of cake for this shoe and this is only possible due to the astounding technology of Rearfoot Gel cushioning that is placed underneath the shoe. This also boosts the energy storage capacity of the cushioning to an elevated level and returns the energy at an extensive degree. It is so soft and firm that it makes you feel like you aren’t even wearing any footwear. Performing your activities will feel like effortless once you get this pair of shoes on your feet.

  • It has various features for support.
  • It comes at a pretty affordable price.
  • Can be used for casual use.
  • Its fit is secure.
  • Shoes are a bit heavy.


5.Nike Downshifter 7


So next up is a remarkable feature from Nike that is 7th instalment in the astounding series of Downshifter. The shoe is the choice for a lot of beginners and pros of the game have also welcomed it with a warm reception. It speaks of quality and comes at a pretty viable price which is actually quite a rare thing when it comes to shoes of this calibre. So let’s take an in-depth look into this shoe.

Its midsole is totally made up of lightweight phylon material. As indicated in the name material is very light in weight and provides commendable comfort, even in wavy like surfaces. The cushioning in this is top-notch and doesn’t contain any hard spots. The bounce you get from this is springy and the amount of response it delivers is outstanding. Addition historis, there is also the employment of ethylene-vinyl acetate (otherwise known as EVA) which is capable of working over a huge period of time.

To obtain optimum fit there are provisions of padded tongue and collar on the lateral side of the shoe, they also increase comfort to some extent. The fabric in this is also expandable and covers the entire foot without leaving any empty spaces. With the help of this feature, the shoe remains stable and firm whenever you are performing activities like walking or running. Also, it makes sure that your foot doesn’t come out of the shoe in any of the circumstances. The open mesh on the upper also tends to keep your feet safe from debris and another thing that you may encounter while using the shoe. It’s also super breathable so there aren’t any nuisances of suffocation. The multi-layered construction ensures increased the durability of the shoe and allows it to work under various environments.

  • The cushioning material is soft and light in weight which reduces the overall weight of the shoe.
  • The shoe is versatile and can be used for different activities.
  • Its price is pretty low compared to similar shoes.
  • Multiple layers of upper protect your foot.
  • The traction in this is just mediocre.


6.Nike Epic React Flyknit 2


Nike has set its standard so high that even a shoe like Epic React Flyknit 2 wasn’t much appreciated when it came out but when you compare this shoe with some other sports shoe of similar price; you will realize how great this shoe is. Although most of the comments that were received for this shoe were mixed one can’t deny the fact that this is one of the best sports shoes for men and here are the reasons why.

Let’s start off with its outsole. So there is a correlation between the midsole and outsole of the shoe which is quite a rare thing to see. They are like 2 different units composed into one. The property of energy return is enhanced to a great point by allowing this combination to exist. The outsole is made up of foam material which is again a rare thing since most of the outsoles we’ve seen so far are made up of rigid material. So an advantage of using such material is that it is flexible and doesn’t undergo any permanent deformation. So if you happen to strike your shoe harder at any point and your shoe slightly changes its shape, don’t worry because its regaining ability will retain the original shape of the shoe iaaaaaa an in minimal amount of time.

The traction of the shoe is also pretty good considering the reception it received. For traction, there are rubber reinforcements that are placed at equal distances from each other right from the forefoot to the heel side of the shoe. These reinforcements have ticking property and they can adhere themselves to almost any kind of surface.

The react foam is used in this for the purpose of cushioning. The properties of this cushioning are that it is highly responsive and offers sufficient bounce. So making the jump or hard cuts become easier in this shoe due to this provision. Another great thing about this cushioning is that you will never experience any decrease in the quality of cushioning over the course of your run.

  • The shoe is so soft that you will feel like you are running on the pillow.
  • More speed can be achieved with the help of shoe.
  • The shoe is highly responsive.
  • The shoe is not restricted and allows intentional movements.
  • The shoe makes some annoying noise.
  • The shoe is large in size.


7.Brooks Men’s Revel Methyl

Revel is one of the most balanced and neutral shoes in the market at the moment that contains most of the desired features that a sports shoe must possess. This shoe is a great choice for people who want to use it for more casual stuff. Say things like walking, jogging or a light workout. It can also be used in day to day life as the design and aesthetics it has suiteded the modern trend of fashion.

You get to have a sock-like fit in this particular provision of Brooks. This is due to the internal bootie construction that it inherits. This bootie is soft and flexible and fills all the voids between shoe material and your feet so in the end you get a snug and secure fit. It’s not exactly restricted because there is a freedom of making movements of your feet due to the flexibility of the material. The knit upper that is utilized in the shoe also supports the comfort factor of the shoe by ensuring that enough air passes within the shoe. The shoe remains cool even in the hot environment and you experience an optimum quality of comfort. So even if you are a fast runner and develop heat pretty quickly, you don’t have to worry since the heat dissipation capacity of this shoe is top-notch.

For more support and stability, collars are provided on the lateral side of the shoe. It also helps in protecting ankles from twisting and prevents any other form of injury.

  • It has a very high heat dissipation rate.
  • Fit is true to the size.
  • Good protection for ankle and heel.
  • Suitable for even flat feet people.
  • Heelside is a bit tighter.


8.Merrel Trail Glove 4

So the next up in this list of best sports shoes for men is Merrel Trail Glove 4. For the people who admire the aesthetics and outlook of a shoe, this is just the right type. It has beautiful construction and it is crafted pretty neatly which makes it attention grabber in the herd of people. But the shoe is just not all about looks. There are some other factors that make it one of the best in the market right now.

Merrel utilizes the outsole of TC5+ Vibram which is also used in this particular shoe. It is basically rubber with some additional elements that make it lighter in weight. This rubber is also abrasion resistant so you can use it even in dusty conditions and shoe won’t wear off. Moreover, it is flexible, durable as well as responsive so you get this impeccable combination of different features that make its outsole awesome.

The compression moulded EVA foam is used for the cushioning purpose in this prospect. This foam is durable and works effectively for longer usage. There is also a footbed which is made up of microfibre. It is antimicrobial, meaning that it will eliminate all microorganisms that might cause inconvenience to your feet and keep your feet healthy. It also eliminates the bad odour that you usually get from the sweat.

  • It has excellent design and it is made by taking modern fashion trends into consideration.
  • The shoe is appealing in look.
  • The fit is secure.
  • It is more flexible.
  • There are some gaps present in the space between the shoe and your feet in the backside.


9.Adidas Solar Glide

Adidas and Nike are two dominant brands when it comes to sports shoe and that’s why you are seeing most of their features in this list. Adidas Solar Glide is also one of those top brand shoes that you can’t take off your eyes from. It is an ideal choice for people who require a durable shoe that they can use for professional sports. This shoe does the job of fulfilling requirements of an average sports person but at the same time provides good characteristics that make even a pro player happy.

The mesh in this shoe internet if you compare it with some other regular mesh. It is due to the fact that some changes are made in the mesh in order to maintain stability as well as provide secure feet for the shoe. This mesh is more robust and keeps the flexibility to the extent where it doesn’t become a nuisance because sometimes too much stretch leads to unnecessary movements. This mesh is also lighter in weight so an overall reduction in its weight is obtained. Moreover, its breathability is just like any other Adidas shoe and offers a great amount of air circulation to keep the feet cool.

This shoe also makes the use of continental rubber which is similar to that of Adidas Alpha Bounce. The advantage of such type of outsole is that there is no deprivation in the quality of traction regardless of the environment since the material is robust and sturdy.

  • Traction is good and offers the same performance on different surfaces.
  • Dual-density midsole provides enhanced stability.
  • You get a unique anatomical alignment of the feet from the shoe which prevents many injuries.
  • The shoe is more efficient compared to other shoes of similar range.
  • Use of traditional lace-up system sometimes doesn’t give you a neat fit.


10.Altra Lone Peak 3.5

Youngsters these days crave style whenever going to purchase a sports shoe and if you take a look at the aggressive style of Altra Lone Peak 3.5, you are going to have your mind blown. The shoe is a bit large but it sure is a thing that can attract many eyes just with its presence. With a destructive outlook, it also possesses some staggering features that have landed it in this list of best sports shoes for men.

One of those features is its MaxTrac outsole that contains rubber which offers an immense rate of traction. This rubber is also gummy and sticks perfectly to the ground. This prevents any chances of slipping and skidding. Even on the surfaces that contain too many irregularities, this shoe can deliver a top-notch performance.

The provisions that are made in the shoe for protecting your feet are also admirable. One of those provisions is the use of A-bound technology which offers immense protection to the heel and forefoot section and also damps any kind of impact forces that you might experience during a play. For better responsiveness and comfort, it utilizes EVA material which is quite famous for cushioning.

  • It has a good combination of responsiveness and inflexibility.
  • The shoe is stylish.
  • There are some tougher reinforcements provisioned within the shoe that provide ultimate protection to the feet.
  • Good stability and traction.
  • The shoe is very heavy compared to some other models.



Get any of the shoes from the above list and you got one of the best sports shoes for men. I’d personally recommend getting a pair of Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 since it has an amazing combination of everything.


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