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Best Sports Shoes for Women

Best Sports Shoes for Women 

In this article ,we have reviewed best sports shoes for women along with detailed buyer’s guide at the end to help you choose the best pair of shoes possible

As time has progressed, not only men but women have successfully participated in all aspects of sports. Whether it is the Olympics or the Tour De France, women have participated as equally men have all this while. Hence they need to undergo proper training and rigorous schedule to prepare themselves for the tournament and other events.


Female athletes all around the world are trained no different than a male athlete is. In the lives of the common millennial as well, women are working harder than ever to stay fit and healthy nowadays. They are engaged in several physical activities and training that helps them to not only stay in shape but also allows their body to function more effectively. Therefore, all these hardworking women require the right set of gear and equipment in order to carry out all the important exercises and training tricks which have been shown to them. Among all the things that are important, a sports shoe is probably one of the most essential.


Sports shoes are designed and made for a purpose. And that purpose is to ensure that you are able to run, jog, play, jump and do every other action without any risk of injury. Sport shoes come with unique design and features which facilitates greater efficiency and comfort in the long run. So if you are looking for a good pair of best sports shoes for women in 2019, then you can get a bit puzzled because there are several options that are available.


To make your task easier, we have handpicked some of the best among the rest. In today’s article, we will take a look at those very products. So let us dive straight in!.


The top sports shoes for women in 2019

Do you like to work out in order to keep yourself fit? Yes? Well, then it is a very good sign indeed. Make sure to hold on to this motivation and while doing so also have a look at these best sports shoes for women that you can purchase in order to carry out your sporting activities properly.


1.Adidas Women’s Duramo 9 

best sports shoes for women


 If you want to rely on one brand to provide you with the best sports shoes, then there are very few brands as reliable as Adidas. With more than 90+ years of history down the line, this shoe manufacturer is the second-largest sports brand in the world. So you can understand the kind of shoe they are going to provide. The Adidas Women’s duramo 9 is a reasonable and highly versatile sport shoe that you can choose to buy. The upper part of the shoe is made of high quality and breathable mesh quality materials and netting. The upper part ensures that the toebox inside the shoe remains ventilated throughout the time you wear the shoe in order to keep it moisture free and dry.


The Synthetic overlays of the upper material truly define a rigid and robust build quality. The lightweight of the shoes allows you to wear them for hours easily. The heel counter has been designed and cushioned so well that you are able to get an extended grip and control. Coming to the sole of the shoes, the Adidas Women’s duramo 9 are designed with excellent sole quality. The midsole is made of the LightStrike IMEVA element which gives your feet the best cushioning against the shocks and impact that you receive against the harmful forces while playing sports.


The complete rubber outsole ensures durability and longevity. The lacing system is however dated with the laces dangling if you do not wear the shoes tight. The shoes are water-resistant which allows the shoes to prevent water from entering the shoe. Available in more than 3 different colour, the Adidas Women’s duramo can be a brilliant sports shoes for the beginners and intermediates.

  • Lightweight
  • LightStrike IMEVA cushioning
  • Excellent heel counter
  • Resilient build quality
  • Dated lacing system


2.Adidas Women’s Alphabounce Instinct

The Adidas Women’s Alphabounce Instinct is one of the best sports shoes for women on this list. This pair of unique and sophisticated sports shoes set the benchmark high for all other shoes that are available in the same budget. The Alphabounce is made of the best mesh material that we have tested so far in any women’s shoes. The soft and stretchy Supportive Forgedmesh upper allows your feet to get the maximum flexibility and stability when you are running and jumping around. The Supportive Forgedmesh also allows the feet to remain moisture free by facilitating a good ventilation system inside the toe box.


The sock-like construction and highly comfortable lacing system allows you to keep the shoes in place and prevents any misfit. The sole quality of the shoe is also commendable. It comes with Continental Rubber shoes that come with phenomenal traction in both wet and dry surfaces and conditions. The bottom sole in uniquely grooved that allows you to get more stability all the time. The midsole of the shoe is made of Flexible Bounce cusbrilliant addition to the shoes because, with the help of Bounce cushioning, you will be able to get an extra amount of power while jumping. The Bounce Cushioning usually allows the users to make multi-directional movements and agile training actions without any problem of slip or drop.


The shoes are solid yet perfectly flexible. We were really impressed with the amount of flex it could actually do. The Stabilizing Torsion Bridge allows the users to get a more comfortable fitting. The cushioning around the heel and on the inside are perfectly fine which tends to prevent your feet to experience any of the shocks and impact it receives.

  • Excellent Bounce cushioning
  • The highly advanced lacing system
  • Amazing Stabilizing Torsion Bridge
  • Continental rubber outsole
  • The toe box is a bit narrower at the front


3.Adidas Ultraboost 19 Sport Shoes

Another product from the house of Adidas, the Adidas Ultraboost 19 are the most comfortable and versatile pair of shoes that you can wear while playing any sport. Whether you are running or skipping, these shoes provide your feet with the best cushioning system. Available in 9 different and unique colour, you can choose a pair of Ultraboost that appeals you the most. The shoes have been constructed with Adidas’s latest Primeknit 360 materials. This paper material provides the shoes with the most advanced and solid strength that ensures longevity and breathability.


Hence regardless of the track you are training on, your feet will relax efficiently and at the same time remain sweat-free. We were delighted to find the Dual-density Boost cushioning just under the shoe arch. Due to this integration, we were able to enjoy a much more comfortable and versatile cushioning experience throughout our test. Coming to the sole, the StretchWeb outsole provides your feet with an energized ride and allows to flex in the most natural manner. The sole of the shoes are really in a sturdy shape but at the same time, they are flexible enough to provide your legs with the best freedom for movement.


In spite of the Primeknit upper the shoe is lightweight and that is why you get a convenient time. The Continental Rubber outsole provides a multi-directional and superior level of traction. The heel counter is designed with lightweight 3D heel frame for a much better-personalised fit and the Stabilized Torsion Spring will allow you to make all those quick movements and maintain a good speed. The shoes give you a fantastic sporting experience easily.

  • StretchWeb grooved outsole
  • Stabilized Torsion Spring
  • 3D Heel Frame
  • Advanced Primeknit 360 Mesh
  • Much more expensive than other Adidas shoes


4.IGNITE Flash Summer Slip Wins

Puma is one of the top sport shoe brands in the world. If you want to wear sports shoes which come with unique designs, high levels of comfort and pleasurable cushioning, then Puma is your brand. The IGNITE Flash Summer Slip Wns is one of the best sports shoes for women by Puma. The best feature of this pair of shoes is the easy slip-on a system that does not require any laces for adjusting. Just slip in your feet and you will be ready to go. The shoes are made of top-notch mesh materials which are not only breathable but at the same time, they are water-resistant as well. Therefore your feet tend to remain free from sweat and water, thus keeping the interior dry all the time.


The inner lining and cushioning of the shoe are pretty well made. It provides the feet with a comfortable place to rest and does not give any irritating feel even after wearing for a long period of time. The upper part is made of the flexible upper part which allows you to move your feet whichever way you want. This amazing breathable design makes these shoes a perfect sport shoe for the summers. The sole is pretty thick on this shoe but it is not uncomfortable. The IGNITE Sole allows getting soft and stable footing all the time. We tested the shoes to find that even without the lacing system, the shoes were in place all the time.


The corrugated bottom sole ensures that you get a more firm movement ability while playing any sport. The cushioning is perfectly done that it allows you to enjoy a soft and convenient impact absorbing ability. The shoes are reasonable and available in a different colour, so you will have no difficulty in choosing the right shoes at the right price. This is the best slip on shoes for women in 2019.

  • Excellent IGNITE sole
  • Convenient slip-on feature
  • Flexible midsole structure
  • Corrugated bottom sole
  • The toe box needs to be more spacious


5.Puma Hybrid Runner WNS Sport Shoes

If there is one shoe that defines innovation, it is the Puma Hybrid Runner WNS. This is a ground-breaking new innovation that Puma has introduced to make a pair of amazing sports shoes for women. All those who want to enjoy responsiveness, flexibility, durability and most importantly stability, can opt for this pair of shoes. The very first moment we saw the shoe, we were impressed with the subtle colour schemes and the impressive design of the shoes. The Hybrid WNS is an absolute game-changer for Puma and all those who would want the best efficiency.


The shoe has been integrated with HYBRID Foam technology that is a mixture of the two of Puma’s bear sole foams till now – NRGY and IGNITE. Combining these two together, crates a splendid new sole for the shoe. Both the two soles which have been mixed to form one surely provides you with amazing benefits. The NRGY gives you the ability to rest your feet comfortably and provides a perfect cushioning all the time. The IGNITE sole is even more beneficial because the sole works to provide more responsiveness to the users. That means the more amount of energy you exert on the shoes, they return the same to you.


Hence you are able to get fantastic improvement in your performance and make faster movements. The Street Style Technology gives the shoes a good and unique look that is inspired by athletes all around the world.

  • Excellent infusion of NRGY and IGNITE
  • Street Style Design technology
  • Flexible and durable body construction
  • Updated lacing system for better adjusting
  • Priced at the higher end among others
  • The heel counter cushion could be better


6.ASICS Women’s Kanmei Sport Shoes

When we are talking about sport shoes, how can we forget to mention about ASICS? The ASICS Women’s Kanmei is a pair of really affordable shoes that they have launched for the women who want to work for their betterment. If you are the person who loves to play and train, wearing these shoes will effectively allow you to perform well. The shoes are made of textile upper material which has been crafted in the most versatile and advanced manner. The upper material is breathable and allows the ventilation to properly happens to keep the feet moisture-free.


The shoes are designed in a unique manner with that gives an attractive look to it. There are several colours available as well and if you want to look stylish as well athletic then look no further than the ASICS Women’s Kanmei. The sole of these shoes are well designed and gives excellent comfort to the users. The classic EVA midsole allows the users to rest their footing in an effective manner. The cushioning is perfectly fine without too much rigidity which would have otherwise snatched away the comfort. We were surprised to check that the shoes are water-resistant and you can even wear them on wet surfaces.


The multi-directional grooved bottom is another thing we love the most. The bottom sole helps you to accelerate and cut down the speed, whenever you are playing an intense game out in the court. If you follow on a budget but do not want to compromise on a good quality sports shoe then ASICS Women’s Kanmei is worth it.

  • Much more affordable than other shoes
  • Classic EVA Midsole
  • Water resistant body finish
  • Flexible and stylish in design
  • The heel counter cushion is mediocre
  • The lacing system is dated


7.ASICS Dynaflyte 2 Women’s sports shoes

ASICS has some of the most impressive and efficient women’s sports shoe in the market. Their shoes are designed uniquely with brand new innovation and sports shoe technology which provides you with value for money performance throughout the year. Similarly, the ASICS Dynaflyte 2 Women’s sports shoes are here to keep you going the extra pace whenever you wear them. Whether you go to the gym or go for running, this pair of shoe will always provide your legs with the most flexible support you ever experienced. Available in subtle and gorgeous colour codes, the shoes are perfect for your athletic look.


The Dynaflyte 2 is a firm upgrade form the previous version and it now comes with amazing new features. The Dynaflyte 2 is integrated with the FlyteFoam midsole technology that makes way for exceptional quality lockdown and stability. The heel counter is cushioned well which gives a good amount of support to you while running. The bottom sole is corrugated with unique patterns that increase your stopping and gripping power on any surface. One of the best feature of these shoes is the ASIC Adapt Mesh upper which is now available with more increased breathability, decreases the overall shoe weight and prevents your feet from developing blisters.


Your feet remain much drier and ventilated due to this feature. Out of all the shoes that we have handpicked for this list, the ASICS Dynaflyte 2 is one unarguably one of the best. We were so impressed with the responsive cushioning and lightweight feel, that we wore the shoes for hours and did not feel an itch. Really, it is one of the best sports shoes for women we tested in 2019.

  • Excellent Adapt Mesh quality
  • FlyteFoam Midsole Technology
  • Subtle and unique design
  • Robust and durable body construction
  • Pretty expensive than other sport shoes
  • The toe box is a bit cramped


8.Reebok Women’s Electrify Speed Xtreme

If you are low on budget, yet you want to wear a good quality sport shoe that is made by a reputed brand, the what can be better than Reebok?. Reebok has some of the best sports shoes in every budget segment that you can think of. The Reebok Women’s Electrify Speed Xtreme is a reasonably priced sports shoes that you can purchase to enjoy a wonderful sporting experience. The shoes have been made out of styled mesh and PU elements for the upper part. The construction of the shoe is robust and solid which is yet very flexible that lets you move the feet without any hassles. The PU upper material construction also adds much more support to the midfoot for a long time.


The 3D ULTRALITE foam integration provides you with a premium experience. You will never understand that you are wearing a budget-oriented sports shoes due to the exquisite cushioning that has been placed inside the interior. The midsole is able to deliver more responsiveness and support to you even when you are making quick movements. You get snug-fitting easily due to the extra cushioning at the heel.


The corrugated rubber outsole is used for providing the user with proper traction all the time. So, if you are interested to purchase a good sports shoe without spending too much money, then the Reebok Electrify Speed Xtreme is the best choice that you can make.

  • Very budget-friendly
  • Amazing ULTRALITE foam
  • Brilliant midsole cushioning
  • Good heel support
  • The mesh quality is mediocre
  • The bottom sole could be of better quality


9.Nike Women’s WMNS Downshifter 7

It goes without saying that Nike is the best brand in the world when it comes to sports shoes. The Nike Women’s WMNS Downshifter 7 is one of the best sports shoes for women that you can own in 2019. The shoes come with all the important features that set it aside from others. The shoe has an aesthetic, sleek and low profile design that looks sharp and athletic. It offers you a minimalist look with Nike’s iconic logo on the lateral side. The shoe features a simple and clean mesh upper that consists of multiple layers of the material across the midfoot to the heel. This mesh material is highly breathable and we were delighted to check that the interior remains quite ventilated throughout the duration of wearing the shoe.


We also found reinforcements around the toebox which gives enhanced support but you can barely notice that. However there is one thing that needs to be seen and that is, it causes slight irritation if you do not wear socks while running. The traditional lacing system and the strong padded tongue will allow you to adjust the shoes comfortably for long hours. Due to the budget-friendly price tag, the structure of the shoe seems to be dated and not very modern. The Phylon cushioning system of the Nike WMNS Downshifter 7 provides a confident and well-established comfort levels. The midsole and heel cushioning make way for better responsiveness while running. It may not be as efficient as the Nike Zoom Air Units but it is efficient nonetheless.


The sole measures about 12mm for which the shoe is neither the most responsive that we have seen nor the least. It is balanced between the two poles. The podded traction design at the bottom of the sole provides admirable ground control and allows you to control the speed in a better way.

  • Excellent midsole cushioning
  • Admirable podded traction
  • Comfortable upper mesh quality
  • Well ventilated interior
  • Irritating if you do not wear shoes
  • Dated sports shoe structure


10.Nike Women’s WMNS Epic React Flyknit

Best sports shoes for women

Last sports shoe on our list but absolutely not the least, the Nike Women’s WMNS Epic React Flyknit is one of the best sports shoes for women who have a good budget. The shoes a lot more than the other products we have mentioned in this list but nonetheless the performance and service which provides ensure that you get value for money service all the time. Available in amazing colours the shoe is not only stylish but very attractive as well. The upper part of the Epic React shoes is surrounded by Flyknit Technology which uses a very strong system of threads that holds the upper part with the sole in an efficient manner.


The integration of Flyknit Technology helps to reduce and eliminate the need for multiple glued layers. The midsole has been made out of 100% Nike’s React Foam material that helps your shoes to become more responsive and provides you with an extra boost of energy whenever you are running the extra mile. The sole has been designed with the softness but it is not very soft either and is able to provide you with the extra bounce whenever you make the stride. Thus making the shoe comfy and bouncy over time.


The heel counter is well cushioned and the inner lining is well suited for long hours of exercise and activities that you will be engaged in. We looked under the shoes as well and found that the bottom sole has been corrugated with a unique pattern. This provides an excellent ground control to your feet and regardless of whether the surface is wet or dry, you will be able to hold your ground efficiently. So if you are looking for a pair of sports shoes that has the right looks and also provides excellent service then the Nike Women’s WMNS Epic React Flyknit can be a brilliant choice.

  • Excellent Reach Foam cushioning
  • Breathable mesh upper layer
  • Available in attractive colours
  • Good heel support all the time
  • Pretty expensive
  • The bottom sole could be a bit softer

So here are the best sports shoes for women that you can purchase in 2019. All these shoes have been tried and tested and only after rigorous observations we have included them on this list. Therefore you can easily rely on them and enjoy an epic sporting experience all the time.


Final Words – the best sports shoes for women have been mentioned on this list and we have handpicked some few shoes which we think are the best in the market from all kinds of budget segments. Of all the 10 shoes that we have discussed in this list, we think that these two shoes – Nike Women’s WMNS Epic React Flyknit and the ASICS Women’s Kanmei sports Shoes are the best among them. Both of these shoes come with excellent shoe technology and provides the users with exquisite features which help them to receive the extra stride of energy and support that they need while playing their favourite sport.

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