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Best Sports Shoes Under 5000

Best Sports Shoes Under ₹ 5000

In this article ,we have reviewed best sports shoes under 5000 along with detailed buyer’s guide at the end to help you choose the best pair of shoes possible

If you are a frequent runner or an athlete, you should try out different types of shoes to find out which one suits you the most. On Amazon, there are various types of shoes available for different kinds of sportspersons. Ranging from different categories, price tags, features, and comfort, there are numerous options available on the market. However, your goal is to find out the best one among them. And with the help of our 10 Best Sports Shoes Under 5000 guide, you will find your compatible shoes with ease.


As said before, there are many popular shoe brands manufacturing shoes for years, and finding out the leading brand among them ‘isn’t an easy task. The most necessary running gear is probably your shoes and thus, choosing the most comfortable one is essential. I tried to find the best sports shoes under 5000 rupees, and I discovered that Amazon has the most effective and efficient collection. So, here are our top 10 picks and you can select the one you feel comfortably suitable for you.

Top 10 Best Sports Shoes Under ₹ 5000

Sports is a simple way to stay fit, healthy, and happy. And what makes you more comfortable with your game, is the shoes you are wearing. Researchers have found that the people who run in comfortable shoes require 2 percent less oxygen. That means it takes less effort to win the game. Now, what are those qualities that great shoe offers? It offers comfort while running and doesn’t develop any blisters, tendonitis, hip, and knee problem. Hence, buy yourself a set that will be durable and lightweight so that you ‘don’t face any issue while running with those kicks on.

1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Promesa Running Shoes

Best sports shoes under 5000


ASICS Women’s Gel-Promesa Running Shoes

Best sports shoes under 5000

There are so many popular brands available on the market, and among them, ASICS is known for providing good quality shoes for both men and women. It is not only accessible in manufacturing shoes but other sports apparels too and ‘that’s what makes them one of the leading sports gear manufacturers. When it comes to manufacturing shoes, they ‘don’t give up on their usual quality. And along with providing quality, they offer some affordable price options likewise. They manufacture shoes that cater to all your sporting and running needs. And the ASICS Men’s Gel-P romesa Running Shoes come with so many features that make it one of the best quality shoes in the world. So, ‘let’s just take a moment and check out all its features that come with the ‘men’s running shoes.

The main features of these Asics shoes include quality. Since Asics is one of the most leading brands of all time, it is not surprising that they would come up with quality materials. The company, in fact, has made a history of manufacturing quality sports shoes for men. Moreover, the pair we are talking about here is made from synthetic material, which makes the shoe lightweight, and it also comes with an excellent design which makes it look stylish. If you are trying to compare this shoe with another shoe from a different brand, possibly, ASICS Men’s Gel-Promesa Running Shoes will win.

  • The outsoles are soft that provide you legs extra comfort
  • The sole grips are stable that prevent you from getting slipped off while you are running and playing any sports
  • It looks good on men
  • The sole can be hard

2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Phoenix 9 Running Shoes

Best sports shoes under 5000

Asics is another sporting shoe brand that focuses more on innovation and design. They focus on the technology, style, and design of their sports and running shoes. Hence, you can expect them to come off with some high quality at an affordable price. Many athletes you will find wearing ASICS Men’s Gel-Phoenix 9 Running Shoes not only because these shoes are comfortable, but also they look stylish. Many people and sportspersons like to wear ASICS Men’s Gel-Phoenix 9 Running Shoes because they are designed to provide better performance and people can wear them for casual purposes as well. Here we will take a minute to talk about its most powerful features and why people like this shoe from this famous brand.


The brand has focused on its innovation and durability more than ever before. And that is the reason why this pair of shoes has become so famous among sports staff. These are high-performance shoes that are fit for both sportswear and casual wear. Also, it comes with a bottom sole, which is corrugated and provides a better grip on the ground when you are walking or running. Most importantly, its specific design keeps you from skidding across slippery surfaces, and the lace tie-up provides you with a better-customized fit.

  • The best thing we like about this product is its technology along with the design, and Italian style
  • It provides you with the maximum comfort and style while running or walking during your game
  • These sports shoes come with a soft foot quality due to the soft cushioned padding material, and it makes you feel comfortable
  • You may find the upper part of the shoes very thin


3. Nike Men’s Downshifter 9 Blue Running Shoes 

Best sports shoes under 5000

Another branded shoes in our list that comes with a unique design and beautiful color. It helps a lot during your workout sessions and of course while running and walking in your playground. You can wear your confidence in your leg now, and that will help you produce a better performance in the field or while running. It comes with a breathable mesh with the upper part of this ‘men’s shoe, and it ensures you no sweat while running. Moreover, as you can find in any quality shoes, this one also comes with a perfect grip. Hence, if you are running on a wet surface or any rough surface, you ‘don’t have to wait about falling and breaking your knees.


Nike Men’s Downshifter 9 Blue Running Shoes (AQ7481-400) is shock resistant and helps you not to suffer from any kind of shock during running. The shock-absorbing qualities of this shoe make it the best in the market. Moreover, it is not only for outdoor activities; you can use it during your gym workouts as well. And indoor or outdoor, it gives the same comfortable and secure feeling to your foot. Therefore, you can never go wrong with these Nike shoes at this price rate. It provides you utmost durability, and its design is also effortless to clean with dry cloths.

  • Great fit
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Perfect shockproof
  • Nice style
  • Comes with a synthetic material that provides durability and stability
  • It would be great if the shoe were unisex


4-Nike Downshifter 8 

Best sports shoes under 5000



Best sports shoes under 5000


There are many best selling products available on Amazon, and this Nike Downshifter 8  is one of them. Most of the Nike shoes are made of their unique designs that are a perfect fit for any type of foot size, and this one is an example of what we are talking about. This pair of shoes from the famous Nike brand does not come with a sturdy design, but they kept it simple yet attractive. ‘It’s lightweight and single-layer mesh and updated cushioning underfoot is what you will find comfortable and perfect for your feet. And that what makes the Nike running shoes softer than its previous model. Moreover, it also comes with an arch band that combined with the laces to provide you with a customized fit and a smooth ride. Also, it is straightforward to clean; you just take out a clean and dry cloth and wipe it gently with your hands.

It is one of the rare shoes you will find on Amazon with quality materials and affordable price rate. And some buyers think that these shoes from Nike provide better feeling than other famous brands like Puma or Adidas. Of course, it comes with quality and a budget-friendly price tag and the mesh outer covering for ventilation so that you ‘don’t feel uncomfortable while running. It comes with three color options to choose from, but always make sure to buy one size larger than your actual size. Overall, it is a quality shoe that provides comfort as well as durability.

  • It is comfortable, light, soft, and provides utmost breathability
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Ventilation is perfect for reducing odor
  • Multiple color option
  • Size can matter
  • Not casual wear


5-Puma Men’s Cell Ultimate Point Running Shoes

Best sports shoes under 5000

Puma is another leading shoe manufacturer in the world, and of course, it provides some excellent and comfortable feeling. Puma basically produces unisex shoes, but this one is for men only (sorry, ladies!) If you are looking for utmost comfort and lightweight material, you can try this shoe ranging from 3000 rupees. When you are searching for the best sports gear, you can give Puma Men’s Cell Ultimate Point Running Shoes a try. It is one of the most stylish and latest design footwear for men you can try it on your field next time.


What makes it unique is its round-toe and lace-up style, and it is made of the Textile material that makes it look stylish and comfortable. Overall, if you are looking for a perfect fit for your feet in those race days, you can count on Puma Men’s Cell Ultimate Point Running Shoes to provide you with some comfort and durability. Moreover, the manufacturer is offering you a 90 days warranty on Puma Men’s Cell Ultimate Point Running Shoes, and that ensures that its quality is within your preference and the price is within your budget.

  • Comes from a popular and reliable shoe brand
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • High sports shoes for men
  • The Textile material can give you a somewhat heavy feeling


6-Skechers  Dynamight Black Walking Shoes

Best sports shoes under 5000


Best sports shoes under 5000


Skechers is another name in the list of leading shoe manufacturers, and it provides some comfort and durability. The shoe price is ranging from ₹ 3,280.00 – ₹ 3,299.00 on Amazon, and it offers excellent support during running or your workout sessions. It comes with various color options to choose from, and the style makes it one of the most beautiful and stylish shoes in the world. When you are searching for a perfect sports shoe pair, comfort and grip is the main thing you would look for. This shoe from Skechers is made of rubber material and the sole if also from rubber. Hence, it gives a lightweight feel during activities. It also comes with the top quality mesh on its upper part that gives you maximum breathability, and the outer rubber sole provides you with some comfortable grip on wet surfaces.


The cushioning is also for providing long term comfort and durability. The size of the Skechers shoe is 22.9 x 15.2 x 33 cm, and it weighs 2.5 Kg hence, it is one of the rarest lightweight shoes you will ever find in the market. It comes with the mesh material, which makes it comfortable to wear, and the memory foam makes it convenient to walk on any kind of surface. Moreover, it does not take any effort to fit on your leg because it does not come with any string to tie up. You just slip it on your feet, and you are ready to go.

  • ‘It’s lightweight
  • The build quality is excellent as well as the comfort
  • Design is good
  • Does not come with a lace-up style so that can be an issue for many users

7-Nike Flex Contact 3 Sports Running Shoes for Men

Best sports shoes under 5000

Another name from Nike. One of the leading shoe manufacturers. The Nike Flex Contact 3 Sports Running Shoes for Men ranges from ₹ 4,995.00 – ₹ 5,995.00 price rates, and it is one of a kind of sports shoes. Since Nike is one of the leading shoe manufacturers, you can trust its quality with your eyes closed. It provides the great comfort and reliability that you will ever find in sport’s shoes. Not only is it a perfect product for running on wet surfaces, but it is also an excellent choice for those who are looking for workout shoes. It comes in a stylish black color, and the sole is Eva that offers an attractive look along with great comfort and maximum security. Every sports shoe need to be good at gripping, and since every sport are depending on sharp cuts, quick sprints, as well as explosive movements, this shoe pair from famous Nike brand, is just your type.

Shoe manufacturers produce shoes taking into consideration the playing surface type, outsole pattern, surface ratio, and rubber composition. And as a trusted brand, Nike provides some lightweight cushioning that is comfortable for your feet during any kind of sports activities. Its size is 24 x 14 x 12 cm and weighs only 649 g. Therefore, you can imagine how lightweight it is. Lightweight means high is the comfort, and while wearing this shoe, you ‘don’t need to worry about slipping on wet surfaces.

  • Stylish design
  • Provides great comfort
  • Extra lightweight
  • It comes with a slip-on closure that can be uncomfortable for many users


8-NIKE Men’s Pure Platinum/Signal Blue White Varsity Compete Trainer Running Shoes

Best sports shoes under 5000

We just ‘can’t leave Nike behind because it is one of the most famous shoe manufacturers that provide quality sportswear. ‘Nike’s NIKE Men’s Pure Platinum/Signal Blue White Varsity Compete Trainer Running Shoes (AA7064-008) is comfortable and smart. Its latest technology delivers exceptional traction on any kind of surfaces, including turf to the pavement. The best thing about the NIKE Men’s Pure Platinum/Signal Blue White Varsity Compete Trainer Running Shoes is that no matter on what surface you are performing activities, it is sure to support you as you move to a direction to another. It is one of the perfect workout shoes you will ever find on the market. Not only it looks good on any type of ‘men’s feet, but it also provides some excellent performance that is important in your field and workout session. ‘Let’s have a detailed discussion about the features it proudly offers to its customers.


It has a rubber sole and lace-up closure so that you get the fittest feeling during your workout. It comes with a perfect combination of skin overlays and meshes in the upper, which makes the shoe durable, and the EVA midsole offers you a smooth ride and utmost stability. Moreover, it comes with rubber nubs in the center of the outsole of the shoe that gives you smooth and enhanced traction. The combination of skin overlay and Mesh creates 360-degree durability, and the midfoot webbing gives you lateral support.

  • Its durability is superb
  • Gives you excellent support and stability
  • Lightweight
  • Provides you a smooth ride
  • The style can be a factor for many users


9-Reebok Men’s Enthral Runner Lp Running Shoes

Best sports shoes under 5000

We have not talked about any Reebok shoe in our list, well, this is the time. Reebok is one of the many shoe brands you can rely upon not only because it is a well-known brand, but because it produces some high-quality shoes. The Reebok Men’s Enthral Runner Lp Running Shoes ranges from ₹ 3,299.00 – ₹ 5,499.00 on Amazon and is one of the most stylish shoes men should consider. It comes with various attractive color schemes, and you can choose your pair from Ash Grey/Black, Collegiate Navy/Red Rush, Grey, and Black. When you talk about its material, it is made of synthetic elements that provide exceptional comfort and extra support on wet surfaces. Indeed, it is an excellent choice for sportspersons and workout freaks as well.


It comes with the lace-up closure so that you get that fittest feeling you always look for on sports shoes. It also offers a 90 days warranty against manufacturing defects. Taking care and cleaning this pair of shoes is not that difficult either. However, you should allow some air deodorizer to your shoes daily so that it does not smell bad. Moreover, taking care of your shoes in this way also keeps its natural shape. You can also use shoe bags to prevent any stains or mildew and when you see specks of dirt, just wipe it away with a dry piece of cloth and ‘don’t use any polish or shiner.

  • Comfortable
  • Comes with a mesh-synthetic upper and a rubber sole
  • Great for a casual look as well as sporty look
  • Can extend your budget


10-Skechers Women’s Running Shoes

Best sports shoes under 5000

Now it is time to talk about a good pair of ‘women’s shoes. Forgive us for not talking about ‘women’s shoes earlier as we were so engulfed in various designs of ‘men’s shoes. But Skechers Women’s Running Shoes is a perfect choice for the athletes women out there. It ranges from ₹ 4,159.00 – ₹ 7,999.00 and comes with multiple feminine color options to choose from. You can choose your perfect pair of various sizes and color options that include black and white, charcoal, and black and hot pink. Its sole is made of rubber, and the material is Mesh, which is a perfect combination as sportswear. It comes with a lace-up closure type and not-slip-on thing. Hence, it provides the fittest feel every time you put it on.


It also gives a 90 days warranty against manufacturing defects, and the best way to take care of the shoe is to avoid using polish or shiner. You can use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the dust out of its body. Other features of Skechers Women’s Running Shoes include lightweights, speed, responsiveness, and lightning fast as well as supporting technology.

  • It is an all-purpose shoe
  • Lightweight
  • Great breathability and flexibility
  • Can be a bit more expensive than your budget.

The Complete ‘Buyers’ Guide

Getting a perfect pair of shoes can be challenging when you have never bought any. But if you follow this guide and trust in it, you will know some great things about buying a pair of shoes. This guide is not for purchasing sports shoes only but will help buy any shoes. We will talk about some possible mistakes people make while going to get a new pair of shoes. ‘Let’s try to avoid these mistakes-


‘Don’t go for the look: The most common mistake people make is going for look. Either in a relationship or buying shoes, if you ‘don’t care about its quality and features, there is a chance you will end up getting the wrong one.


Buying tight-fitting shoes: Many people think that wearing tight-fitting shoes will help them run faster. But that is not the case. But the problem with tight-fitting shoes is that the tight feeling will prevent proper blood circulation and that will give you pain or swelling feel after your game. Hence, try to buy a pair that will be comfortable to wear.


Never assume your size: ‘Don’t guess your shoe size even if you know your foot size, it is better to check out the size of the shoes you are going to buy. The dimensions of the footwear differ from company to company and ‘that’s why you should check out the size before getting the pair.


Keep these few things in mind in order to buy the perfect pair that will be comfortable to wear and perform activities. Here, check out the best sports shoe buying guide before getting a couple.


Most buyers have the fixed idea of which size they want to buy. Nevertheless, the market is filled with so many manufacturers, and the size can vary from brand to brand. Simply, you cannot be particular about the capacity now, so ‘it’s better to check out each of them to find out your best fit. Having a little extra room inside your shoes will be perfect and ‘won’t give you any uncomfortable feeling.


The width of your foot is evenly crucial as the length of your shoes. Some people come with the broader or narrower foot, and you should consider that point. Choosing the wrong shoe that does not support your foot can lead to blisters and discomfort. If you have a broader or narrower foot than others, go for a full sole.


Another thing you should take care of while purchasing a shoe is your intended use. Before buying a pair of shoes, ask yourself a few questions.


“You want to a sports shoe or just for training purpose?”


“Do you want shoes for simple running, running on a track, or a forest trail?”


The surfaces can be different, and you have to choose your suitable pair that will fit your goal.

Pronation Type

Before getting a pair of shoes, you must be known of the pronation type of your foot. The pronation type means the way your feet rolls when you walk or run down the street. The essential requirement is to know the kind of pronation your feet come with, and if you gather this knowledge, you will be successfully able to prevent blisters and similar things. To find your pronation type, search the internet, and you will find so many guides about the same.


As a runner, you need to take the shoe all the way, and that is something you should take into consideration. Hence, you need a pair which will support your weight and ‘won’t slow you down. If you are a well-built sports person, find a shoe that will help your weight. The best thing about the shoes is that, the lighter it is, the easier it will get to carry them around.


You need a good pair of running shoes that will support proper ventilation. Wet feet can be uncomfortable, and when it mixes with odor, it is totally unacceptable. Moreover, if the breathability is low, there is a chance of developing blisters. Therefore, breathability is another feature you should check out when buying a pair of shoes.


Something that will be durable, you will be able to clean them easily and will come with lightweight and breathable material. Look for something like that. And in this case, synthetic leather is the best choice. Avoid substances that get damaged easily and attract lots of dirt.

Slip Resistant

If your shoes do not come with a stable and robust breath, you will slip easily on wet surfaces during running. And this would lead to injuries. So if you usually play on slippery surfaces, consider buying a shoe that comes with the slip-resistant feature.


Overall, all the shoes listed here are made with high-quality materials and comfortable to wear. Still, if you want to pick the most affordable choice among the 10 Best Sports Shoes Under ₹ 5000, choose the Nike Men’s Downshifter 9 Blue Running Shoes (AQ7481-400) that gives super stability and comfort. You can also try Skechers Women’s Running Shoes if you are looking for a ‘women’s shoe option at a little higher price.

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