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Best Sports Shoes under 1000

In this article ,we have reviewed 10 best sports shoes  under Rs.1000 along with detailed buyer’s guide at the end to help you choose the best pair of shoes possible

Best sports shoes under Rs1000

In the world where everyone wears flashy and shiny sports shoes, you wouldn’t want to be left behind right? With everyone having footwear that works in every kind of condition, its only natural that you’d also like to grab one of those glitzy sports shoes. But sometimes it just happens that you can’t spend much money on shoes and the dream of owning a world-class sports shoe gets delayed. To tackle this scenario, we have come up with this list of best sports shoes under 1000Rs that are just as good as other sports shoes who are more expensive.

The market for sports shoes is pretty big and there are tons of quality shoes out there. Most of them are expensive but there is a section of shoes that have a little price but the features they possess are staggering. You need to have a certain eye in order to catch the glance of such shoes. Once you’ve found such sports shoe, you will realize that how at even little price, you can get your hands on a quality sports shoe that are just as capable as other sports shoe with higher prices.

When we talk about sports shoes a picture comes into the mind that they are kind of shoes that are capable of delivering high performance in just any sport, but there is more to it. An ideal sport shoe should not only provide good performance while playing sport but also it should be able to work in any kind of circumstance and if you think that by buying a low price sports shoe, your performance will be adversely affected, you are wrong. The shoes that are mentioned below are not only low priced but also have the aptitude to give tough competition to some well-known sports shoes. So these are 10 best sports shoes under 1000₹.

Best Sports Shoes under Rs.1000

1. Lancer Men’s Black and White Mesh Running Shoes


A very first entry into this list is a feature by Lancer which is a shoe most ideal for running purpose. Lancer has quite a reputation when it comes to manufacturing low priced high quality running shoes and this product is no different. It’s pretty neat looking and elegant with the outlooks of it. So whenever you wear them, you will not feel that there is 1000₹ shoe underneath your feet. It stands out among the herd of stylish shoes and provides luminosity to your personality while you are on a track running or simply just going for a walk.

Its outer material is a mesh-like and provides eye-catching texture to the shoe. It has small porous like holes over it so there are no problems of ventilation. While running, feet tend to sweat a lot but the mesh material over it ensures that enough air is circulated within a shoe, making your feet comfortable. In addition to that, the mesh material is pretty light in weight and makes you feel like you are making a jump in thin air.

As far as inner material is concerned, it is a combination of mesh and cloth. The reason for different materials on the inner and outer part of the shoe is that cloth in the inside of a shoe will just absorb all the wetness of feet and make them cool. Also, the cloth is pretty soft so you are going to feel smooth right underneath your feet. The outsole is made up of TPR and provides excellent grip to the floor irrespective of the type of floor. With this money saver shoe that boasts of ultimate characteristics, you will be able to complete the full run in no time with optimum comfort.


  • Shoes are pretty lighter in weight.
  • They are capable of working in any condition.
  • There are some problems with slip and skid.


2. Lotto Men’s Vertigo Shoes

Next up in this list is an instalment by Lotto which is essentially designed to fulfil the requirements of running. A pretty flexible and tough shoe, it will ignite the Usain Boult within you and help you reach new heights with its aesthetically pleasing exterior. Being one of the best sports shoes in regards with low price, this thing right here will make sure that you always finish first in your race and tackle all the hurdles with ease. The combination of impeccable design and amazing stretch, this thing right here will launch you into the air and help you grab brass rings.

So right off the bat let’s start off with the bottom sole of this shoe. The pattern is corrugated with deep grooves within it. The purpose of making such provision is that whenever you are running or simply taking a walk, you will not slip or skid. It will help you hold on to the floor without any trouble or nuisances. In addition to that, it will also propel your jump and accelerate your speed, so even if the surface is dirty or greasy, you wouldn’t have to worry because these shoes will just do the job for you.

Another great thing about this shoe is its footbed. At this price, you are likely to come across mediocre footbed for a sports shoe, but this beauty right here is much different case. There are cushioning pads provided just above the footbed which makes sure that your bottom feet remain comfortable throughout your run. Moreover, the inside sole is also cushioned to a great extent, so that your entire feet will be covered with the softness of the material.  There is also a feature of lace tie-up which allows you to customize your feet. For different situations, you can adjust your feet and even if your feet size deviates a little from proposed shoe size, you don’t have to worry.


  • It has adjustable lace system.
  • Mesh material is light in weight.
  • It has cushioning pads for an enhanced effect.
  • There is no provision for ventilation.

3. Ethics Perfect Ultra Lite Sports Shoe



Next up is the Perfect Ultra Lite Sports Shoe by Ethics. With the aesthetically sound and ergonomically balanced design of this shoe, you will find yourself more charming and attractive than other people while these shoes are on your feet. Essentially made to sync with most of the outdoor sports, this shoe is capable of shortening the distance between you and an ideal performance while on the field. Not only in sports but it is also an ideal choice for casual use. With its amazing outlook, you can take them with you for a walk, or for shopping or simply for a party.

Its style is one of a kind and synchronizes with every kind of activity and every type of outfit. You will realize that irrespective of your body ware, this shoe will equally put a light on your personality because of its balanced colour and contrast. If you want to go for a workout to the gym, you can simply put them on or you want to go for just a casual walk, don’t hesitate to wear them on. They are a perfect match for any kind of clothing and available in different colours, so you can choose the one that you like the most.

Another great thing about this shoe is its ease of maintenance. The material that is used to manufacture this shoe doesn’t let dust stay much on the shoe and as a result, wiping off becomes easy. So you don’t need to let any second thoughts run through you if you are going on a dirt road for a walk. There is also a lace-up closure within the shoe that provisions for the snug fit. This is just an additional feature to increase the overall comfort for a shoe. In such a less price, this shoe is a game changer.

  • Cleaning of the shoe is easy.
  • Can match with any type of clothing.
  • Grip to the surface is mediocre.

4. Sparx Shoe



Sparx produces a variety of shoes that are compatible with any other and that too at a pretty convenient price. This shoe right here is no exception as it is essentially made for the people of a new generation that like to live with glamour and lights but at a cheap price. This shoe is an embodiment of quality and the term eminence is showered over it due to its excellent build and look. From time to time variations in the field of sports shoe are seen but Sparx doesn’t let any of that reflect onto it and remains one top notch product.

So the thing is that these shoes look just amazing, in fact, I believe that is the most prominent thing about this shoe. No offence to other features but its look will just steal your heart. That combination of blue and white stripes with the outer part of grey colour would just melt anyone’s heart. Not to sound cheesy or anything but attractive colour and texture are liked by most of the younger, heck even some people put it above other characteristics. That’s why if you are a fan of some nice good looking shoes, you should definitely get your hands on this product.

But the look isn’t the only standout property of this shoe. For instance, its rubber outsole is something you will found amazing. The pattern is amazingly balanced for the price of the shoe and the grooves are firmly carved and levelled, providing you with an ultimate grip. Besides that material is pretty strong, so you won’t face any problem of wearing out of outsole or something. In regards to that its durability is also more than most of the shoe that you will find in this price range. The lace-up style that this product inherits will also give you a perfect model feel. So overall, this shoe is an amazing combination of everything.

  • They have amazing durability.
  • Its design is elegant and attractive.
  • Mesh doesn’t have enough perforations.


5. Para top Ultra Comfort Lightweight Shoe


If you prefer simplicity and sophistication for your footwear then you are going to love this sports shoe by Para top. It has such a classy and tasteful feel to it that you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from staring at it. Though it has a very limited colour combination trust me, the mixture of black and white colour in it and its utilization will just blow your mind, it is that good. Its outsole, midsole, upper, everything is just eye-catching plus there is a lace up style in it which just adds further class to the shoe.

If we talk about material then this shoe employs synthetic mesh. Up until now, we have only talked about mesh but the synthetic mesh is a new brand in a mesh series which is much lighter and cosy than the conventional mesh. And its use in this shoe just makes this product an absolute beast, both for casual use as well as for sports. An interesting thing to notice is that the distribution of material is uniform throughout the shoe which you won’t find in a shoe of such price. So it is just one more reason as to why you should get this shoe.

As far as the outsole is considered, it is an air mix. Now air mix possesses some amazing qualities. One being that its pretty lightweight so you won’t have to give much push to your toe or heel. Another thing is that it’s flexible so that your movements aren’t limited. It allows you to take turns and make moves however you desire. Moreover, it increases shoes durability and comfort. There is also the rare thing that this shoe does and it is de-odourising on regular intervals. The material often gets mixed with the air and air drives out all smelly elements that the shoe might contain.

  • The shoe has a very classy look.
  • The shoe is very flexible.


  • There isn’t a variety of colours.


6. Asian Shoes Wonder

It might sound a little cheeky but this shoe right here is no less than a wonder just like its name. At this price range, no way you are going to come across a shoe like this. Its design, built, material, adaptability, durability everything is top-tier. It excels in every section of a shoe. You can play different sports like cricket, football, running, basketball while these shoes are on your feet and you will realize how good compatibility of this shoe is. It might be still early to call but this shoe could be the best sports shoes under 1000₹.

We talk of various categories where a shoe might excel and one of them is the material and boy oh boy, the use of the material in this shoe is just surprisingly good. Just when you think that shoe under 1000₹ can’t offer you much; this thing right here will catch you off guard with surprise with its overall usage of material. Its basically mesh but its distribution is somewhat amazing. And it isn’t stranded, unlike another shoe. Close spaces and perforations are provided wherever necessary so there isn’t any chance of smothering. And while we are at it even inner material has softer pads that over your feet and provide you ultimate comfort.

The pattern on the outsole is amusing as it doesn’t follow any particular string. The design of grooves varies for different pads. Their sizes go on increasing as they go on centre and reason for making such provision is that you will get firm and equal grip irrespective of the type of surface. The material of outsole though is just a mesh but still, it does the job.

As far as the fit goes, provision for the lace-up enclosure is made so you can adjust the fit as per your requirement.

  • Internal pads provide amazing cushioning.
  • Snug fit can be obtained.
  • There is a difficulty in cleaning the shoe.

7. Sklodge Men’s Off White Series Black


There is always one instance in everyone’s life where they look at something and just scream “Wow!” and this shoe right here could be that thing. The black colour is in the trend these days and if you are one of those people who absolutely love this colour then trust me, you are going to love this feature of Ski lodge. It’s so well-designed and graceful that one can’t take his eye off of this shoe. Its really difficult to find a premium shoe in this price range, so you shouldn’t hesitate to buy this shoe as it offers premium quality.

There is a canvas-like material with the mesh on its outer portion. The canvas has a lot of perforations over it but being all black doesn’t make it appear at all. You will still feel that all of a shoe is covered with the material. It is fashionable and stylish and it will differentiate you in the herd of people. Also, there’s quite a steep on the shoe so maintenance and cleaning are easy. The inner material is synthetic leather which is rare in its own way. Basically, it is a combination of textile and polyurethane. So if you want to have some old school feel to your feet you should definitely try this shoe. In addition, it is environmental friendly so there’s that.

The outsole is of polyvinyl chloride. It provides amazing flexibility and stretches to the shoe. So you can pretty much use it for every activity like running, walking, jogging, gym, training, cricket etc. Another advantage of using PVC for the outsole is that shoe becomes waterproof so you don’t really have to worry about the conditions in which you are using it, plus its cleaning and maintenance becomes easy.

  • It offers amazing ventilation.
  • The shoe is waterproof and dustproof.
  • Since leather is used there is a possibility that it might shrink or expand.

8. Kraasa Men’s Synthetic Sports Shoes


When you are looking for shoes under the price of 1000₹, it is expected that you won’t find a shoe that offers versatility but this shoe right here breaks that barrier and provides you with an amazing range of staggering features that a normal sports shoe won’t provide. You can’t really such much of an effort put into cushioning of the sports shoe for this price but comprehensively, Krause has ensured that your feet get the most comfortable feel while you are playing your sport.

The material of the shoe isn’t anything like you will find in modern shoes. Synthetic leather is used for most of the part of a shoe and there are a lot of reasons to do so. One is that you will get the classy feel that a vintage shoe might give you. Another that amount of smooth feel that you will get by the touch of synthetic leather is more than that of mesh. In addition to that, it will also give the shoe a premium feel. Overall the material is pretty tough and durable so your shoes are likely to last longer than you anticipate. Get on any surface, be it clean or dirty and you will experience the same performance everywhere.

The best thing about the shoe is its sole. For starters, its made up of PVC which has its own perks. It is comfortable, flexible and soft, so while walking or running your feet will get a lighter feel to it. The ground clearance is astounding as well. It’s not much but it’s not too less either. It’s just enough to provide an optimum grip. The sole has a particular design that assists in increased friction and wears resistance. It pretty much works in any range of temperature without any worries of contraction or expansion. Shoes are available in a variety of colours so you can put many of them in your closet.

  • Shoes are versatile and you can pretty much use them anywhere.
  • Shoes have special cushioning that provide additional comfort.
  • Design of shoe is very basic.

9. Avant Men’s Lightweight Running and Walking Shoes


Style is one of the most integrated things people look these days whenever going to purchase a sports shoe. Avant carries this trend and embeds it into its shoes. This shoe here is also among one of the finely crafted shoes in the list of Avants’ best. With a completely dazzling and eye-catching appearance and outlook, you are going to find yourself in a different dimension.  Aesthetic, design, workability, toughness, everything is top tier in this shoe.

The outsole of a shoe is something you should look at. It’s basically a rubber but of high quality. It’s flexible but not much to cause degradation in the toughness of a shoe. The pattern on the outsole is basic and there isn’t anything standout about it. It will do the proper job though. If there’s one positive thing you can take from traction pattern then that would be the provision of little pads over it. These pads help a lot in absorbing impacts and shocks. Though they are not suitable for sports where you have to put a lot of force on your heel or forefoot but for the minimal usage, you can refer them. There are some spaces in between the pads so the pressure distribution is even too.

Let’s talk about the mesh over the upper of a shoe. First of all its super perforated and offers amazing breathability. Second thing is that material of mesh is surprisingly light, upon touching it you might feel that they are rigid but trust me. After wearing them you will feel like you are flying in the air. These shoes are most suitable for running and jogging, in addition to that, they can be used while playing cricket and football as well. The insole is made up of EVA which possesses shock absorbing property, so energy return will be efficient while playing in these shoes.

  • It has an amazing shock absorbing property.
  • It offers good durability.
  • In higher temperature, there are chances that it might expand.

10. Bourge Men’s Ultra-2 Shoe


The last entry into this list of best sports shoes under 1000₹ is Bourge Men’s Ultra-2 Shoe. Across all the shoes we have seen so far, this shoe might just have the best fit among them. The containment of the feet inside the shoe is just amazing because the material does its job in an excellent fashion. It restricts the feet completely into the shoe but not to extent that your movements will be limited. Even on the forefoot, there is a good amount of space to have slight movements but still, it ensures that a part of your feet completely remains stable.

Let’s talk about its outsole which is apparently different than most of the shoes we have seen so far. In normal shoes, the grooves are carved outward but in this shoe, grooves are carved inward of a sole. These embossments are in the centre for most of the part and outer periphery is straight plain. Reason for providing these embossments is that while on the surface air will be trapped within them which will ultimately lead to the creation of vacuum and because of that you will get an ultimate grip with no skidding action. So in sports like basketball where skidding or slipping is not desirable, this shoe can prove to be a pretty helpful asset.

As far as the cushioning goes, soft foam is provided on the inner side. It is spread over the footbed uniformly and provides even comfort to your feet. There is a little bit steep from heel section to downward direction but it doesn’t affect cushioning. It soaks away all the sweat and dries it off pretty quickly and provides a commendable softness. Below upper of the shoe, there is some soft material which gives an extra feel to the feet. Also both inner and outer material is tough enough to withstand a different kind of conditions.

  • The traction provides anti-skidding and anti-slipping property to the shoe.
  • Shoes possess superior durability.
  • An entire layer of foam is distributed over footbed for cushioning.
  • The shoe might be too tight for some people.

Buyer’s Guide

Naturally one wouldn’t expect much from a shoe that has its price under 1000₹ but still, there are some things you can look over before making a purchase. If you want to purchase some high quality and top class shoe you might have to push your budget a little bit more but still, in this price range, you can get your hands on some good quality shoes that might just do the job for you. So these are some things you have to keep in mind before purchasing a sports shoes.


Now you can’t find much variety when it comes to material for this range of price. To be precise there is no way you are going to get your hands on premium material but still, there are some nice mesh material and synthetics that might give you kind of similar feeling to that of premium material. Mostly material for such range used meshes and it has its own perks. For instance, it offers amazing breathability and in return a good amount of ventilation. With the addition of synthetic in the mesh can also produce a greater result and will offer more ease of use. So whenever you are taking a look at material to try to purchase the one with synthetic mesh.


Comfort should never be overlooked, even if you are purchasing a low price shoe. And for your relief, most of the sports shoes have their primary focus on cushioning of the shoe so comfort ultimately becomes superior. Usually cushioning pads are provisioned to absorb all impact forces and return of energy and foams are used to give a smooth feel to the feet. In addition to that outsole are given particular groove patterns that help in keeping the foot stable as well as giving a firm grip to the surface.


By following this guide you can easily grab some of the cheapest yet good quality sports shoes available in the market. Personally, I would recommend getting a pair of Sklodge white off series as they are good in all of the departments and have an amazing look to it.

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