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Best Sports Shoes under 2000

In this article ,we have reviewed 10 best sports shoes  under Rs.2000 along with detailed buyer’s guide at the end to help you choose the best pair of shoes possible

If you are looking for best sports shoes under 2000₹ then this is the right place to look at. As we all are aware that sports shoes are no joke these days, whenever you go out to purchase some high quality and branded sports shoes, the supplier will provide you with a bunch of shoes that have their prices skyrocketed to the space. So that’s a bit harsh for the people with the tight budget as they can’t get their hands on some top tier shoes. It’s not fair right? But you don’t have to worry since there are enough amounts of shoes available in the market that are below 2000₹ and possess good amount of quality.

Now when we say that the shoes are of cheaper price, a thought may arrive in one’s mind that it’s going to degraded their standard, their personality or their stature, but that isn’t the case here. Obviously some well renowned companies sell shoes at higher price, ranging from 5000₹ 1000₹ and with that price it is evident that they are going to offer more staggering features. But one thing you should know that most of the features that are held by these shoes are also held by some of the shoes that you can get under 2000₹. The only difference is that they aren’t of well renowned world class brand but they offer no less premium feel compared to world class companies.

Even if these companies aren’t known worldwide, they hold quite a reputation in local areas. Especially in our country where people look for most efficient products, shoes like these prove to be pretty vital aspect. A good to go shoes at a cheaper price is nothing better one could ask for and the best thing is that such shoes are fortunately available in the market on decent magnitude. So without wasting any time, let’s start off the list of best sports shoes under 2000₹.

1. Allen Cooper ACSS-75 Athletic Running Sport Shoes for Mens


You might have heard the name Allen Cooper at least once in your life and if you already don’t know it is synonymous with the term style. When it comes to giving off essence of style and fashion onto the product, Allen Cooper is right up there and this shoe ACSS-75 is no different from any astounding product of Allen Cooper. It is one of the most stylish and good looking shoes you are going to find in the market and the best thing is it is available at such a low price. As an iconic shoe, it will make your presence standout among your colleagues or simply a group of people and it will make sure that you cherish every moment while you play with these shoes on.

It has some of the best technologies employed within it that particularly assists in running and jogging. Shoes are especially designed in order to fulfil the requirement of running and by keeping fit and different functions in mind a certain edge is given. Among many technologies that the shoe possesses, one of the best is arch support technology within it. It is distributed in outsole as well as flank of the shoe. Another great thing is that if you are flat foot guy and looking for a shoe to your suitability, then this shoe could be a top most choice for you.

Outsole is made up of phylon material which is quite rare for the shoes of this price range. The significance of phylon is that they provide enhanced durability to the shoe, so they are likely to work for longer period of time compared to other shoes. Another thing is it provides amazing anti slip characteristics, in fact one of the best if you’d ask me. So your chances of skidding and getting slipped while running will be ultimately reduced. With amazing ergonomic design, comfort and reflector strip on the top, you will get the feeling of premium shoe.

  • They offer long lasting durability.
  • Outsole is comfortable and provides optimum cushioning.
  • Shoes get dirty pretty quickly.

2. Extavo Men Big Size Adr Black Red Running Sports Shoes


For the big guys who like doing heavy workout, this shoe right here is an ultimate choice. Whenever running or playing sports, shoes have to go through a lot of forces and sometimes it happens that shoes aren’t tough enough to absorb the impacts. In such situations it is essential to have a tough footbed and cushioning that can withstand all possible forces in all kinds of conditions. By keeping this in mind Extavo has designed this shoe that combines all elements which help in toughing up the foundation of the shoe. With this strong and rigid shoe, you will be able to put as much as pressure you want to on the shoe and still get ideal results.

Upon looking at this shoe you might feel like they’re only useful while doing any sweating activity but trust me, they are not a bad choice for a casual use. Moreover, you can wear them on when going for a party or any event. Its style and fit is commendable for its price. It gives optimum fit for most of the size of general age group and there is also closure lace up system with which you can adjust the orientation of your feet in regards to your feet. Also more effort is put into the design of a shoe and in such a way that greater lightness is obtained.

Another significant thing about the shoe is its material which is of premium quality. They give such a classy and smart feel to the shoe. It is evident that everyone wants to be a centre of attention, especially when you are on the field and that requirement can be easily met while you have these shoes underneath your toe. It’s not only an attention grabber but also a durable shoe. It can work for a much longer period of time than you could anticipate, let it be in any kind of conditions. In summer, winter or any other season, this shoe right here will perform comprehensively well.

  • These shoes are good looking and comfortable.
  • You can use them for casual stuff too.
  • There is some issues with ventilation of shoes.

3. Bacca Bucci Men Casual Sports Shoes AIR Trainers/Gym Running Athletic Competition Sneakers


Bacca Bucci has manufactured some of the most astounding sports shoes over the years and they are known for providing most convenient and money saver issues among local people. This shoe is no exception and stands toe to toe with some top quality sports shoes. Coming off at 1999₹, this shoe right here will extract best performance out of you and make you reach commendable position on the field. Its design is most favourable for sports as well as casual shoes so you will find them in your feet for most of the time.

The lace up system in this shoe is remarkable. It is made in such a way that you will get a snug fit in any instance. So for most of the sizes of feet, this shoe is desirable. You can tie up laces, adjust it according to the orientation of your feet and get a firm hold with a shoe. The upper of the shoe is very well perforated. Actually it is basically mesh but its design is something different. There are stitched edges to the honeycomb like structure of upper which adds an ergonomic aspect to the shoe. There is also enough porosity in the upper so that breathability is optimum. So upper gives off a lot of perks for being there.

When you look at the shoe you will see that there is an extended portion on the toe. It is actually rounded and the reason for providing such provision is that there will be enough space to adjust the position of toe. It’s not too big to cause unevenness so there won’t be any problems of slipping or skidding. Another prominent thing about this shoe is its outsole. So it is EVA sole which is quite rare to find in the shoes with this price range. Basic outsole isn’t capable of absorbing shocks of higher magnitude but use of EVA in this shoe completely neutralizes all impact forces and protects your feet from any kind of injury.

  • It offers great amount of ventilation.
  • These are stylish and good looking.
  • The upper wears off after some time.

4. Furo Redchief Men Sports Running Shoes

Next up in this list of best sports shoes under 2000₹ is a feature by Redchief that goes by the name of Furo. Everyone loves running but some take it as a passion and get into this field. So for people who want to enjoy running and make it a memorable moment, they can choose this shoe. This thing is essentially design by keeping in mind that what an ideal running shoe should have but at a convenient price. Its features, style, elements, everything is made to match the requirements of a running Joe so you can completely count on this shoe that is bound to exceed your expectations.

Cushioning and traction are two of the most important things that a running shoe must possess. This shoe excels in the section of cushioning as it combines various elements that help in providing better comfort. Let’s take example of soft density collar foam for instance, it is spread over the entire footbed but doesn’t increase the overall weight of a shoe in any way. With its presence, it completely absorbs the forces that are acted upon the feet while you are running. Another great thing is moulded socks within it that give a soothing feeling to your feet.

As far as the traction goes there are quite handsome features that this shoe possesses. A quad grip on the shoe ensures that your feet completely remain within the shoe regardless of any movements you make. The outsole is made up of such material that the overall weight of the shoe will be reduced. There is an interesting thing to notice on the toe and heel area. Actually the entire area is hardened in such a way that more friction will be obtained whenever shoe makes contact with the surface, this ultimately increases the grip. Also there is a good amount of safety proposed by these features so overall this shoe comes pretty handy in any kind of sport.

  • It has lace up closure system to obtain correct fit.
  • Round toe on the upfront makes up for enough movement of the feet.
  • A lot of care is needed to be taken while using these shoes.

5. Trase SRV Relax Sports Shoes



If you are looking for some tough shoes that can withstand various situations then this shoe won’t be a bad choice. In this price range where there isn’t an abundance of top quality shoes, finding a shoe like Trase SRV is piece of fortune. The shoe is pretty simple in design yet elegant enough to make an impression on your friends or colleagues. It’s pretty clean looking and aesthetically balanced which is the reason why this shoe is capable of catching every eye within its radius. In addition to this it smells good because of its deodorising property, so you are going to find this shoe pretty outstanding when you use it.

As usual the cushioning has to be top tier for a sports shoe and even after cheap price, this shoe doesn’t disappoint at all. In fact you are getting much better cushioning and comfort in this shoe with this price range compared to some shoes of similar price. Below 2000₹ you can’t expect much but this shoe gets you the padded collar to provide amazing support and softness to you ankle area. Since ankle is one of the most sensitive parts of the feet, it protects it against a lot of forces and helps in preventing any kind of ankle injury. There is also a padded footbed in it so even the bottom of your feet is going to get that feeling of relief.

The material for the outsole is EVA just like what you would expect from a shoe from Trase. Use of EVA helps in a lot of ways. For instance it ultimately reduced the weight of the shoe and makes the shoe very comfortable. Another is that it provides excellent durability, so it doesn’t really matter on which surface you are playing. The outsole of a shoe is likely to last longer than you desire it to be. On the heel side there is a counter which again does the job of protecting heel side of the feet. With the synthetic material on the upper part of a shoe there will be cool atmosphere within the shoe and your feel will go into an admirable dimension of comfort.

  • Use of synthetic leather in this increases its durability.
  • Can use them for running, walking or gym.
  • Shoes may get deformed in adverse temperatures.

6. MEGHPAR Sports Shoes


Since we are looking at the shoes that are priced below 2000₹, it is expected that you might not have heard of this brand of shoe that goes by MEGHPAR. As mentioned you might not know the quality of the shoes that they produce but trust me they are among the elite group of brands that hold the capability to manufacture most efficient yet implausible sports shoes and this feature by the is no different. A flexible pair of shoes of MEGHPAR right here can be used for casual use, walking, jogging, running and any other similar application without much adjustment.

The multipurpose shoes are quite famous these days and to follow that trend these shoes are made. One of the biggest things that make this shoe multipurpose is its design and colour. It is available in three colours that are white, black and yellow. Now all of these colours are capable of holding their own among the herd of different shoes and provide an attention-grabbing appearance. Apart from colour, its design and style is also flexible. It is suited for any type of work as it contains conventional as well as some sporty elements. Lot of ergonomic factors are covered in this shoe that influences its reputation.

Apart from its appearance, usual stuff like material, cushioning and traction too are given some effort. The material used in this shoe is rubber which is kind of what you’d really expect but the best part about it is that rubber is very tough and rigid yet flexible enough to not restrict your foot movements. Along with this there is an employment of lace up closure system which allows you to obtain various kinds of fit in accordance to your foot size and playing conditions.

  • It is lighter in weight and pleasing appearance.
  • It offers amazing versatility.
  • Shoe is limited in colours.

7. Fusefit Men’s Running Shoes


A perfect fit is what every person desires when he goes to purchase sports shoes. Some people do find an optimum type of fit but it comes off at a great price. Finding a perfect fit for a sports shoe at a lower price, especially if it is below 2000₹ is something that looks impossible. But no longer you will have to go through such nuisance because Fusefit’s Running Shoes have come up with impeccable technology that offers great fit and just as good as any high quality shoe, that too at a very minimal price.

The very reason for having such a firm and balanced fit in this shoe is the provision of air knit technology. Now you might’ve heard of this technology in some top brand sports shoes that come at huge price but this shoe Fusefit has broken a barrier and provided a kind of feature that people thought they would never get for the shoe of this price. So what this technology does is it completely encloses your feet without leaving any kind of air gap, hence you get the most packed yet comfortable fit. Even after the foot is completely wrapped by the shoe, it offers sufficient breathability so that ventilation takes place effectively.

Another prominent thing about this shoe is the use of bouncement technology in it. A material on the footbed is distributed uniformly that has springy nature to it. Whenever you make a jump or simply run it gives you an amazing boost and increases your jump substantially. Another great thing it does is it restores shoe into its original shape and size, hence offering great amount of elasticity to the shoe so that you can work with them for any kind of workout.

  • It carries reactive cushioning for further enhancement in comfort.
  • Use of mesh material increases durability.
  • It doesn’t have lace up system which some people won’t like.


8. Ethics Red Mesh Sports Shoes


If the style is your formula and you are an admirer of splendid design, then this shoe right here is the epitome of those two things. Ethics is known for manufacturing some jaw dropping sports shoes at a very convenient rate and just like its name, they make shoes that look ethically fitting. This feature by Ethics doesn’t do any different and offers commendable performance, both on and off the field. So you can prepare yourself to be get blown away with the amazing performance by this shoe when you get into the field and impress your friends with skills and support that this shoe offers.

So Ethics likes to put the effort on design of their shoes and when you look at this shoe, you will find that its style is made in such a way that it fits both casual as well as professional use. Moreover its colour is so vibrant that it will match with whatever type of clothes you wear, whether you wear boxers or formal dress it doesn’t really matter. Shoes are extremely light in weight, which again adds as a feature that boosts formalness of the shoe. You can just grab a pair early in the morning and go out for a jog with the chirping of birds in a bright sunshine.

If we look at its outsole, we are going to find some interesting stuff. So basically its EVA with enough bounce and traction but there is some amazing job on the pattern of it. When you take a glance at it, it might just seem like some regular extended grooves with usual spacing between them but trust me, the use of EVA is so good that not only it provides fitting grip to the floor but also gives enough bounce that can launch you in the air with minimal effort.

  • Upper is made up of premium material which gives amazing look to the shoes.
  • Suitable for both casual and professional use.
  • Shoes wear over a period of time, hence reduced durability.


9. Arivo Sports and Running Shoes for Men and Boys


So if you are ready to tackle all the hurdles of your life, gear up with these amazing shoes by Arivo and make your impact to the world. If anyone asks me ideal running shoes that don’t hold any nuisances of wiping off, I am straight up recommending them these shoes. Such kind of magnitude they have and it’s not an exaggeration, when you wear them on your feet you will realize that these are one of the best shoes out there that are priced under 2000₹. So if you are fond of conventional look and love classic lace up system, you should definitely check this out.

The material that you will find in this shoe is quite different from most of the modern and stylish shoes. Its leather but an artificial one, and as mentioned above the reason for having leather as a material for this shoe is to give it a classic feel. For further conviction, being made of leather excessively increases durability of the shoe and increases heat resistance. So whenever you are playing in hot conditions, you don’t really have to worry as the shoe will not deform at all. Addition of some other materials in the leather has also increased overall strength of the shoe, so it can pretty much stand any kind of condition.

  • Shoe has a classic look to it.
  • It is lightweight and expedient.
  • People who prefer stylish shoes won’t like its conventional design.

10. Staylo Ultralight Sports and Running Shoes


There are some good sports shoes available in the market under 2000₹ and they offer admirable features for the kind of price they have but many of them aren’t able to keep consistency in innovation. Most of them are same old looking with same stuff embedded in them but Staylo breaks that barrier and keeps on innovating with new stuff and in the end offers a commendable combination of world class sports shoe. This Ultralight feature by them just extends this reputation and provides you with a gracious sports shoe.

As mentioned above, the main focus is on innovation so you will find that style of shoe is Italian. Pretty rare for shoe with such price but Staylo never fails to amaze. On the body of a shoe, two semi- circular notches are cut out that help in putting in of the shoe as well as ease the circulation of air in the shoe, hence increasing ventilation. The sole of the rubber on the bottom just adds great amount of toughness to the shoe as well as strength to withstand various kinds of circumstances.

The lace up system employed in the shoe is kind of traditional but laces are made up of pretty tough material. You can stretch them however you desire with their amazing flexibility. They don’t easily unknot so you can give as much as impacts to the shoe you want and they will hold the feet inside of a shoe for you. For protection of feet some pads are provided here and there so that you don’t face any kind of injury.

  • It offers probably best ventilation among all mentioned shoes.
  • Shoes are pretty tough.
  • Gripping of the shoe is just average.

Buyer’s Guide

Now that we have seen some of the best sports shoes under 2000₹, it’s time we must take certain things into consideration before finalizing a product. The price of 2000₹ is not much for the sports shoe enthusiasts but still it’s a lot for some people. That’s why some things should be looked upon even if you are purchasing a sports shoe that is priced below 2000₹. So these are the factors that matter a lot and make up an ideal sports shoe.


Design is completely subjective term and varies from person to person. But still there is a standard set which defines how the design of the shoe should be. Basically design is split into two sections; conventional and modern. Conventional design is pretty basic yet vibrant enough to catch everyone’s attention. This kind of design is famous among the people who love old school stuff but not really popular among younger people. Younger people prefer more stylish design for a shoe that come up in a variety of colours and shapes. Even if these two are different, one common thing which should be shared by them is that they must be aesthetically pleasing.


Whenever playing any kind of sport, comfort should be given top priority. Ventilation is one of the things that largely influence this factor. Always ensure that enough perforations are given on the upper of the shoe so sufficient air gets circulated within the shoes.


So if you are ready to get best sports shoe under 2000₹ then hurry up and select any of the shoe from above. Personally I would recommend getting Staylo Ultralight shoe as it offers complete combination of features that an ideal shoe should possess.

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